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Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 14 - Lavenza's Second Trial Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Matt Chard

There are 15 quests in total in Persona 5 Tactica with the last three quests becoming available during the final act of the game. Completing Quest 14, Lavenza’s Second Trial will reward you by unlocking the final skills for Yusuke, Ryuji, and Ann. This quest is similar to quest 7, The Mysterious Box, but instead of a box, you’ll be hitting a gear. Read our expert step-by-step guide to get through this quest.

Lavenza’s second trial will involve Ann, Ryuji, and Yusuke.

How to Complete Quest 14 - Lavenza’s Second Trial

The second trial from Lavenza. Those that overcome this challenge will see their power grow.

Party Conditions
Ryuji, Yusuke, and Ann Carry Trial Gear to the target

When you enter the stage, you’ll begin on top of the platform above the target area. The target area is pretty close to where you start, but you’ll have to manipulate the gear to get there due to the obstacles in the way. As there is no turn limit, you shouldn’t have too many problems getting the gear to its goal, but you may struggle with the enemies that will take potshots at it as the gear can be damaged including your attacks on it, and if it gets destroyed, you’ll fail the quest. So, although there isn’t a turn limit, the longer the gear is out in the field, the more chance it has of getting destroyed, which you don’t want. To make things easier, equip a persona with healing skills like Mediarama on one of the party members, as you will take a lot of damage.

Quest 14 - Lavenza’s Second Trial - Step-by-Step Walkthrough

There’s not really a strategy to this quest other than getting the gear to its goal as quickly as possible. At times, your party won’t be in cover due to hitting the gear, and the enemy will take advantage of this by continuously attacking the member for One-More’s which allows them to deal significant damage to you and the gear.

(1 of 9) Step 1: Select the member who has access to healing, and attack the gear off the platform, toward the goal.

Step 1: Select Ann (or the person you gave the healing Persona to), and attack the gear toward the goal, so it will drop off the platform.

Step 2: Switch over to Yusuke, climb down the ladder to your right, walk around to get behind the gear, and then attack it toward the target area. Yusuke will take damage from the nearby Revenger during the enemy’s turn.

Step 3: Now, select the remaining member, Ryuji, and wait in the cover near Yusuke. If you have Ambush on Ryuji, give it to Yusuke, otherwise, end the turn.

Step 4: Select Ann, and head down the ladder to the right. Sometimes, an enemy will wait here, blocking access to the ladder. If that is the case with you, stand next to the cover opposite the ladder, and cast Mediarama to heal yourself back up as a couple of members would’ve taken significant damage by now.

Step 5: Switch over to Ryuji, and attack the gear further forward. It will hit the nut at the back, and land in the middle of the gap.

Step 6: Now, select Yusuke and attack the gear to the right where it’ll be stuck in the corner of the walls.

Step 7: Once again, heal with Ann/the person who has the healing Persona, and wait by some cover.

Step 8: Switch over to Ryuji and attack the gear into the wall, and it’ll bounce toward the target area by one space and put him in cover. Move Yusuke out of the way to let Ryuji pass if he’s in the way.

Step 9: Select Yusuke, get into cover, and cast your area-of-effect ice spell to target as many enemies as possible, especially the Revenger as this will waste its turn for the upcoming enemies’ turn.

Step 10: Finally, attack the gear in the target area with Ryuji to complete the quest.

When the gear gets to the target area, you’ll get a short scene before you’re rewarded with the final skills for each of the participating party members. For Ann, this is Hellfire, Yusuke will get Crystal Bloom, and Ryuji will get Almighty Judgement.

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