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Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 6 - Yusuke in Freefall Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Nathan Garvin

Another day, another 1 turn quest in Persona 5 Tactica; Quest 6 - Yusuke in Freefall will unlock after you finish Mission 23 - A Wanted Criminal. Yusuke fixates on the perspective of falling enemies and enlists Joker to help him understand the sensation. This page will provide a walkthrough for Quest 6 - Yusuke in Freefall in Persona 5 Tactica, providing tips and strategies for completing the quest in a single turn.

Ryuji’s Auto-Mataru skill gives us enough oomph to clear the quest in a single Triple Threat, which makes him a fine third party member.

Quest 6 - Yusuke in Freefall Preparation and Strategy

Party Conditions
Joker, Yusuke, 1 other Defeat all enemies within 1 turn

Unlike many earlier quests, this one actually benefits from bringing along certain characters and investing in specific skills. First, Joker and Yusuke are mandatory for this, but you do get a third character of your choice. As should be expected from the introductory cutscene, the gimmick here is knocking enemies from heights, specifically gaining a One More via Follow-Up Attacks. That said, movement speed is actually more important than, say, Follow-Up+. Yusuke has to be present, but that’s not really a handicap - he’s got a great base movement speed and more importantly, access to the Auto-Masuku skill. Respec so he has it unlocked and everybody in your party will enjoy an extended movement range, which is almost always useful but is especially handy here.

There’s not a whole lot Joker can do, skill-wise, but the third-party member is interesting. The entire objective of this quest is to extend the movement range of Joker and Yusuke via One Mores to create as wide of a Triple Threat area as possible. There’s only one rub - depending on your party, you may not deal enough damage to one-shot all the enemies on this map with a Triple Threat. You might be able to just score a second one, but there’s another option - bring Ryuji along. Ryuji can learn the Auto-Mataru skill, which will buff your entire party’s attack for three turns - far more than this stage will last, for better or worse. With any luck, this may push your damage over the edge and allow you to one-shot every enemy on the map with a single Triple Threat, which is less fussy than having to rely on two such attacks.

Whomever you bring, everybody will be better off with the God-Like Speed passive, but it’s not required, especially not if you possess Auto-Masuku on Yusuke.

(1 of 2) Bat an enemy out of cover and off the roof, but make sure Ryuji is positioned close enough to score a One More with Joker.

Bat an enemy out of cover and off the roof, but make sure Ryuji is positioned close enough to score a One More with Joker. (left), Yusuke has an easier time of things, as a vulnerable enemy is just waiting for him to shove off the roof, earning a One More in the process. (right)

Quest 6 - Persona 5 Tactica - Step by Step Guide

With a party of Joker, Yusuke, and Ryuji, we start the quest. Ryuji starts out in the middle of the map, on low ground, while Joker and Yusuke are both on elevated ledges to the left and right, respectively.

Step 1: As Joker, climb a ladder to reach a roof, where you’ll find a Matchlock Officer crouched near a parcel. Don’t knock him down! At least, not just yet…

Step 2: Switch to Ryuji and head over to the ground below where the Matchlock Officer is. You need to be close enough to score a Follow-Up Attack, which will give Joker a One More. Keep in mind that this doesn’t use Ryuji’s turn, you’re just moving to facilitate a Follow-Up Attack.

Step 3: Switch back to Joker and if Ryuji is in range the text “GET EM” should appear on the enemy. If so, knock him down to score a One More.

Step 4: Without using Joker’s free turn, switch to Yusuke, who is on a ledge on the opposite side of the map. Climb a ladder, then dash across a gap to find a vulnerable Matchlock Officer. You don’t need Ryuji for this one, so just bat him off the roof to score a One More.

(1 of 4) Move Joker into a cubby in the midst of some parcels,

Step 5: Now Joker and Yusuke are both primed for Triple Threats, you just need to set it up. At the end of the roof, Joker and Yusuke are on a cluster of parcels. Head into the cubby in the midst of these parcels with both characters to ensure all the enemies on the map are behind these two characters. Switch to Ryuji and head to the opposite left corner of the map (the side Yusuke is on). You should be standing behind a watch tower, near some parcels.

Step 6: Switch back to Joker or Yusuke and press DualSense-R2 to bring up the Triple Threat menu and make sure that all the enemies in the map are affected, and that you’re doing enough damage to one-shot them all. If so, execute it and you’ll complete the mission.

Huzzah, hurray! Another quest down and Joker and Yusuke both get another 20 GP to spend.

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