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Quest 4 - Once More, With Feeling! Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Nathan Garvin

The second quest which requires you to complete it in one turn, this one isn’t quite as rigid as Q2 - Stealing Classified Info inasmuch as your stats can potentially play some role here. That said, strategy trumps brute force by an overwhelming margin. This quest unlocks after you complete Mission 14 - A Bitter Retreat, and once again Yusuke leans into the eccentric artist schtick by trying to remember what it felt like to be brainwashed… and somehow, he thinks acting like a dictator will help him remember Marie’s domination. This page will provide a walkthrough for Quest 4 - Once More, With Feeling! in Persona 5 Tactica, providing tips and strategies for completing the quest in a single turn.

Quest 4 - Once More, With Feeling! Preparation and Strategy

Party Conditions
Makoto, Yusuke, 1 other Defeat all enemies within 1 turns

You’re stuck with Yusuke, being the prime mover behind this silly quest, and he’s also keen to drag Makoto along… presumably because she was brainwashed by Marie along with him? Whatever the case, you get to pick one other character to accompany them, and since the objective in this quest is to defeat all the enemies on the map in one turn (rather than merely reach the objective, as in Q2 - Stealing Classified Info, your stats will play something of a role. That said, it’s still an early-game quest, so not too much is expected out of your characters.

In something that will become a trend on these quests, we pick Ryuji as our third character, entirely due to his ability to pick up the Auto-Mataru skill. This will buff the whole party’s attack significantly, increasing the damage they deal. You’re going to have to crank out Triple Threats to complete this quest in a single turn, and having their damage amplified will improve the margins for error. Your other skills shouldn’t matter - Yusuke and Makoto can both accomplish what they need to with no points distributed.

(1 of 2) Have Makoto cast Frei to draw an enemy off a dash tile and score a One More,

Have Makoto cast Frei to draw an enemy off a dash tile and score a One More, (left), then position her near the corner of a distant platform to ensure she's contributing as much as possible to the Triple Threat attack that will finish this map. (right)

Quest 4 - Persona 5 Tactica - Step by Step Guide

This map’s primary feature is four platforms, upon and below which various Musketeers are positioned. Your optional character is corralled in the bottom center of the map, surrounded by barrels that prevents them from moving much - aside from taking a potshot at an enemy, there’s not much they can do, which is why we went with Ryuji and his passive Auto-Mataru. Yusuke is to the left and Makoto to the right, and both have access to a platform in front of them courtesy of a ladder.

Step 1: Switch to Makoto and climb the ladder to reach the platform, then head over to the dash tile only to find the tile on the opposite platform is blocked by a cowering guard.

Step 2: Don’t take the bait. Instead of attacking the aforementioned enemy, cast Frei on a Musketeer on the ground below you. He’s in cover, so this will knock him out, but Frei’s range is great enough to hit the enemy Musketeer on the far platform. Better yet, the vortex property of Frei will draw the guard over, moving him off of your dash tile. This also scores Makoto a One More.

Step 3: After casting Frei, dash to the distant platform and make your way towards the corner, then switch to Yusuke.

(1 of 3) As Yusuke, knock an enemy off a dash tile,

Step 4: As Yusuke, climb a ladder to find a Musketeer cowering on a dash tile. Head around him and melee him towards the platform Makoto initially climbed onto. This will earn Yusuke a One More.

Step 5: After swatting the enemy off the dash tile, dash over to the far platform and get around another enemy, and bat him off the platform towards the platform Makoto is currently on. The Musketeer you just thrashed should strike another Musketeer who was taking cover on a barrel, breaking his cover. This will earn Yusuke a second One More.

Step 6: Have Yusuke climb down a ladder to reach the ground, then move around the side of the platform to find an enemy Musketeer standing out of cover and thus far unattended. Change that by shooting him to score a third One More.

(1 of 3) Keep Yusuke where he shot the guard,

Step 7: You should now be ready to finish things up. As long as Makoto is in the corner of her movement range on the far platform, and Yusuke is standing where he shot the last enemy from, all you should need to do is move Ryuji to the corner of his confines, specifically have him stand near the palisade wall next to a barrel that separated him from Yusuke’s partition. Switch back to Yusuke or Makoto and press DualSense-R2 to bring up the Triple Threat view and make sure all enemies are within the affected area and will be defeated by it, then execute to end the quest.

For successfully indulging Yusuke in another one of his bizarre fixations, both he and Makoto will earn 20 GP.


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