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One More Explained in Persona 5 Tactica

Matt Chard

Although the tutorial in Persona 5 Tactica tells you how to use the One More gameplay mechanic, it doesn’t tell you about all the intricacies that come with it. One More is a gameplay feature that gives you “one more” turn if you meet a couple of requirements. One More was originally added to the Persona series in Persona 3, although it differs slightly in Tactica due to the nature of the game. As One More is an integral part of the game, you need to know everything there is to know about it if you want to tackle the toughest tasks.

One More is an integral part of Persona 5 Tactica.

What is One More in Persona 5 Tactica?

As briefly stated above, One More means you’ll get one more turn. When used smartly, it can decrease the difficulty of any mission or quest in the game. One More only occurs when you damage an enemy when they’re not resisting, and they only resist when they’re in cover. This means in order for you to trigger One More, you’ll need to get the enemy out of cover. Unfortunately, shooting at them won’t do this, so you’ll need to use skills or melee attacks first instead. This helps balance the game, otherwise, you would use it every turn and have unlimited turns to defeat the stage which would make the game too easy.

However, with some intelligent plays, you can still deal a lot of damage with the One More system while also being able to complete entire missions in that turn. When you use One More on an enemy, they will be “downed”. What this does is stop you from using it on the same enemy over and over again because when an enemy is downed, they’re exempt from One More until the following turn. Although you can’t use One More multiple times on the same enemy, you can use it multiple times per turn just as long as it’s on a different enemy who isn’t in cover. If the enemy isn’t in cover and isn’t already downed, you can trigger One More on them with a couple of exceptions.

(1 of 2) When an enemy is behind cover. They have "Resist" on them. While this persists, they cannot be downed.

When an enemy is behind cover. They have "Resist" on them. While this persists, they cannot be downed. (left), However, when they're away from cover, Most are susceptible to being downed thus giving you One More, even if they die from the attack. (right)

One More Exceptions

You know that you can’t use One More on an enemy who is in cover, and you know that you can’t use it on enemies who are already downed, but there are some enemy types you can’t use the feature on. All bosses in the game are immune to One More, although the other enemies inside the battle are fair game. Most enemy types are vulnerable to being downed which means you can trigger One More on them, however, the Launcher types you meet later on in the game are immune to it. Although most enemies can be downed, some enemies require you to meet specific requirements before you can down them. Here is a list of all the enemy types, and what you need to do before you can down them, or whether you can do it at all.

Enemy One More Requirement
Basic Legionnaires Yes No requirement other than them not being in cover.
Support Yes No requirement other than them not being in cover.
Revenger Yes These need to be attacked first to waste their counterattack before they can be downed. This refreshes every turn.
Launcher No All Launcher Types are immune to being downed.
Shielder Yes Can only be downed from the sides or back. These will face your character wherever you go, so you’ll need to use a second character to damage them. Attack from the front with one character, and then attack from the side or back with the other.
Teleporter Yes No requirement other than not being in cover. You will teleport to their location after though.
Bosses No All bosses are immune to being downed outside scripted events.

(1 of 2) Wind (sweep) will push enemies away from cover making them vulnerable to a One More.

Wind (sweep) will push enemies away from cover making them vulnerable to a One More. (left), On the other hand, Psi spells will pull enemies together also leaving them open to One More attacks. (right)

Best Way to Use One More

The best way to use One More depends on if you’re fighting in a regular story mission or a quest. Most quests will have some gimmick such as defeating all enemies in one turn. In that case, the stage will be set up to allow you to make use of One More, more liberally. However, in your general story missions, you’ll want to attack the enemies with a melee attack if they’re close to you, or a skill (magic) if they’re at a distance. As you progress through the game, you’ll begin to unlock powerful area-of-effect skills that can remove cover for multiple enemies in one attack.

This allows you to exploit the weakness of multiple enemies with another party member every single turn. Because of this, the Wind (sweep) and Psi spells are invaluable as not only will they remove the cover from many enemies, but they will also push them away from it (Wind) or Pull them all closer to you (Psi). If you start a battle where numerous enemies are somewhat close to each other, you can use the various tiers of Mapsio (Psi) to group them up close together. This will remove them all from cover, allowing you to shoot every enemy one time which gives you a One More each time, and then you can hit them all with another area-of-effect skill that should wipe them from the stage. There are many good ways to use One More to your advantage, and this is just one of the better ways to use it.


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