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Quest 13 - Lavenza's First Trial Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Nathan Garvin

After completing Kingdom 3 you’ll find yourself fighting a gauntlet of battles culminating in a boss fight. Once you’re victorious you’ll be back in the modified Velvet Room, where you’ll finally be able to make use of the services that had been previously available in Leblanc. You’ll also be summoned by Lavenza, who will offer to assist you in your crusade by testing your mettle in three trials, which are the subjects of Quests 13-15. As the final three quests in the game, they should have a suitably grand reward, and in fact, they do; completing them with the three required characters will unlock the ultimate skill in each character’s skill tree. You might also suspect that these would be the most difficult quests in the game, and while that’s a matter of opinion, the rewards on offer are too tempting to ignore. To ensure you unlock each character’s ultimate skills, this page will provide a walkthrough for Quest 13 - Lavenza’s First Trial in Persona 5 Tactica, providing tips and strategies for completing the quest in a single turn.

Quest 13 is the final one turn quest in the game, and it requires you to manipulate blue and red platforms to advance and take advantage of vulnerable enemies.

How to Complete Quest 13 - Lavenza’s First Trial in Persona 5 Tactica

Party Conditions
Joker, Morgana, and Makoto Reach objective in 1 turn

Another one-turn quest, and in fact, the last. You’re required to bring along Joker, Morgana, and Makoto, and you’ll be tasked with getting any one of these three to the glowing objective tiles along the opposite edge of the map. If it sounds like you’ve done this before, yes, this quest is very similar to Quest 2 - Stealing Classified Info and you’ll be doing a lot of the same things - trying to score One Mores as you charge across the map. This particular quest is more open-ended, however; two of your characters aren’t locked on the sidelines, and while liberating, the restraints from Quest 2 also serve to guide you.

That said, the gimmick for this quest is pretty obvious - buttons and platforms. Stand on a button and it’ll depress, toggling all the platforms of the same color on the map - raising them if they’re on the ground, and lowering them if they’re not. Not only will you need to raise and lower these platforms to advance through the map, but you’ll also need to toggle them to dislodge enemies from cover, enabling you to score One Mores and advance.

Before you start this map, absolutely ensure that every character has the God-Like Speed passive unlocked. Moving quickly is essential. Makoto will also need Mafrei. Crafted weapons with high-range stats will help but aren’t strictly required. When you’ve made those preparations, start the quest!

(1 of 7) Rush forward with Morgana and shoot an exposed enemy to score a One More - this will be Morgana's only offensive action the entire fight.

Quest 13 Persona 5 Tactica - Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Switch to Morgana, head across the red and blue platforms, then shoot the Musketeer to get a One More.

Step 2: Move Makoto and Joker onto the nearest red platform, then swap back to Morgana and head to the red platform with a button on it. Stand on the button to toggle the red platforms. This will lower all the characters to ground level.

Step 3: Switch to Joker and head left. Stand near a lowered blue platform and attack a Musketeer who is standing out in the open now that the red platform he was hiding against has been lowered. This will score Joker a One More.

Step 4: Move Joker onto the red platform near him (not the one he just rode down) and switch to Morgana, then press the button again to toggle the red platforms. This will raise Joker and Morgana up to the higher level.

Step 5: Switch back to Joker and stand on some neutral ground near a Musketeer in cover, then return to Morgana and step on the button again to toggle the platforms. This will remove the cover from the Musketeer near Joker. Attack the Musketeer with Joker to score a second One More.

Step 6: With the range gained by Joker’s second One More, move him onto the platform with the blue button. This is as far as Joker needs to move for the rest of the map.

Step 7: Press the blue button with Joker to toggle the blue platforms. This will lower the blue platform near the start of the map, depriving a Musketeer of cover. Make sure Makoto is on the ground floor near the red platform Morgana is on, then use her to shoot the aforementioned Musketeer to score a One More.

Step 8: Move Makoto onto the red platform with Morgana, then have Morgana stand on the button again to toggle the platforms, raising them back up. To the right of this platform is a path of neutral ground, divided by some nuts, and near another red platform ahead of Morgana and Makoto is a Musketeer.

Step 9: Move Makoto to the right off the red platform, then switch to Morgana and step on the button again to toggle the red platforms. This will lower the red platform on Makoto’s path ahead and remove the cover the nearby Musketeer was using. Shoot him with Makoto to score her second One More.

Step 10: Go around the corner with Makoto and stand at the edge of the path, then switch back to Joker and stand on a blue button to toggle the blue platforms.

Step 11: Return to Makoto and you’ll now find a blue platform in front of her, with a Musketeer and a Hollow Hellion standing on it. If Morgana’s platform is lowered, the Musketeer on Makoto’s blue platform won’t have any cover. Move Makoto onto the blue platform, stand next to the Hollow Hellion (towards the far end of the platform nearest the exit), and hit the Hollow Hellion with Mafrei/Mafreila/Mafreidyne. This will hit both enemies and score Makoto a third One More. It’ll also prime the Hollow Hellion for another One More, which you’ll need to cross the finish line. The Hollow Hellion will counterattack and knock Makoto back a tile, towards the exit - this is fine and expected.

Step 12: Home stretch! Move Makoto off the blue platform and onto the neutral tiles nearby, then switch to Joker and have him hit the blue button to toggle the blue platforms. The red and blue platforms between Makoto and the exit should both be raised now - if not, move Morgana and Joker to facilitate Makoto’s escape. If Makoto needs more movement, shoot the Hollow Hellion you nuked a moment ago to give her more than enough to make it to the exit.

(1 of 2) For completing Quest 13, Joker, Morgana and Makoto will unlock their ultimate abilities.

For completing Quest 13, Joker, Morgana and Makoto will unlock their ultimate abilities. (left), You must purchase all five spells from the skill tree before you can unlock each character's uber skill, but the damage and AoE of these skills is worth the GP. (right)

By completing this quest you’ll unlock the ultimate spells for Joker, Morgana, and Makoto. Scythes of Eternal Darkness for our totally not-edgy boy, Joker, Wheel of Life for Morgana and Atomic Hollow for Makoto. These attacks combine and enhance the best parts of their two spell trees, having better damage than the standard versions of their spells (Eiha/Eiga/Eigaon) and more AoE than the Ma-variants (Maeiha/Maeiga/Maeigaon), and while expensive, their impact well outweighs the heightened SP cost.


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