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Quest 3 - Decompressing Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Matt Chard

After progressing through the main story in Persona 5 Tactica, you’ll begin to unlock the odd Quest here and there. Quests, which are more like challenges in this game, have you completing most of them in a specific amount of turns (predominantly 1) while using the game’s core gameplay mechanics to achieve this goal. Completing these quests will reward you with a modest amount of GP (skill points) for a couple of party members. However, if you complete every quest within a Kingdom, you’ll unlock a special Persona that can’t be obtained any other way. Quests can be difficult in Persona 5 Tactica due to them not leaving any margin for error, so if you’re struggling with Quest 3: Decompressing, read here for a full step-by-step walkthrough for it.

Haru has an idea to help Ryuji blow off some steam.

How to Complete Quest 3 - Decompressing

Ryuji is feeling stressed. Haru has an idea for blowing off some steam.

Party Conditions
Ryuji, Haru, 1 other Defeat enemies in 3 turns

Quest 3 - Decompressing will unlock after you complete Mission 13, and it’ll be the first quest that requires you to finish its objective in three turns. This quest is a simple defeat all enemies type, but with one caveat, there are a lot of enemies, and only three turns to defeat them which means you’ll need to get creative. Fortunately, both Haru, and Ryuji can hit multiple enemies at once with their guns, and when you combine that with your Persona spells, the mammoth task in front of you feels achievable.

Before you get started, you’ll want to bring along a party member who has a strong area-of-effect spell on them, so we recommend Joker for Eiga, although you can bring anyone who also fits that role. When you load up into the stage, you’ll find three box-like areas with a group of nine enemies in the center. Here’s a step-by-step guide for completing this stage:

(1 of 5) Cast Maehia on the entire group to defeat them in one attack.

Quest 3 Decompressed - Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Step 1: Switch to Joker, who is in the center, and cast Maehia (which you should have by now) on the group of enemies. This will target, and defeat all of them.

Step 2: A second group of nine will appear in the top box which has the enemies bunched up closer together. Select Ryuji, and cast Mazio on the group which will once again, defeat all the enemies.

Step 3: Once again, a group of enemies will spawn, but this time, they will appear outside the bottom box where Joker is. There will be three enemies on either side with each side having one enemy in the open. Select Haru, and position her where her gun will hit at least two enemies with one of them being the one standing out in the open. This will trigger One-More, and you should be able to take the remaining enemies out. If you can’t, don’t worry about it as you’ll still have two more turns to do this.

Step 4: Now, this may change a little if any of your characters got a One-More. For example, Ryuji did for us. If you do have a One-More, work on taking out the remaining enemies. On Ryuji’s side, you can target all the enemies with his gun by standing next to the crate where the nearest enemy in the cover is which will trigger another One-More. Once again, fire his gun at them to chip away at their health, and then wait for turn 2.

Step 5: By now, there will barely be any enemies left. What you see here are the last of them, so take them out with all three characters to complete the quest. Don’t be afraid to defeat the enemy with a spell to make sure it dies as you won’t need the SP after this turn anyway.

With all the enemies defeated, you’ll complete the quest, although the rewards won’t come until after the following scenes where you’ll be rewarded with 20 GP for both Ryuji and Haru.


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