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What is the 'you need a tool to break this' message in Steelrising?

Craig Robinson

Players venturing through the world of revolutionary Paris will find crude gates with the fleur-de-lis or a somewhat broken wall blocking their path. Those who want to enter them will find messages pop up on screen, such as the ‘you need a tool to break this’. Here is everything you need to know about the Steelrising ‘you need a tool to break this’ message and how to overcome it.

Gates like these block important exploration in your levels.

Steelrising’s you need a tool to break this message

The first thing you need to know is that the message is not some form of a puzzle. It is, in fact, related to the game’s progression system. Players will venture through plenty of levels and fight bosses, known as Titans. The first three Titans you fight award special powers to your characters, which are largely ways to get around paths in the game and discover new areas of the map to explore.

In particular, the tool you need to break this comes from the third boss, the Alchemist, found in the Luxembourg Palace. Once you finish the first part of the main story on the second level, Invalides, you then get a few new levels to go to at your own choice for the main story. If you want to the tool as fast as possible, you can then visit the Luxembourg level, and complete the level by defeating the Alchemist Titan boss.

Once you have the item, you can unlock the gates that previously blocked your way with the yellow fleur-de-lis on the gate or the walls waiting to come down. However, be aware that most of the extra exploration points on the map also typically require the other two aegis movement gadgets, which come from the other two beginner Titans found on the Tuileries and La Cité. We recommend trying to play through the main story first before you start venturing off through the alternative blocked-off pathways. From our experience, these alternative pathways that block you off are related to side missions you can get later on in the game.

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It is 1789, and Paris is in turmoil. The third estate, clergy, and nobles are in philosophical disputes. Now more than ever has the tensions in the french polical system been so high. So, the king has chosen the defnd his position, building an army of automat robots to serve the royality. But, the king has gone mad, and the clockwork tyrant has unleased his army of robots upon the three estates as they all threaten his very power, turning Paris into a battlefield on command.

However, not all robots are sworn to protect the king. In Steelrising, you play the role of Aegis, a robot capable of self thought, reason, and is just as powerful as the most devastating of the king’s titantium troops. Your duty is to protect the queen, find important figures and help spear head the revolution against Louis XVI in this alternate history story.

As you play through the game, expect Souls-like combat, build prgressions, side missions and everythign else you espect from a historical setting game and Souls experience. We aim to help players with this guide’s content focusing on:

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