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Steelrising The Alchemist of Luxembourg Boss Guide

Craig Robinson

The Alchemist is one of the first three Steelrsing Titan bosses you will come across in the storyline, offering a battle for those of you partaking in the Luxembourg Palace level. The Alchemist is a powerful boss, mixing with it different elemental effects along with various moves to keep you on your toes. Here is everything you need to know in this Steelrising Alchemist of Luxembourg Boss Guide.

Here are some tips and tricks to take down the Alchemist in Steelrising.

Steelrising Alchemist of Luxemburg Boss Guide

Before we get into the boss’s move set, here are a few quick features you need to know.

Firstly, the boss uses all three elements available in the game. As you have found out by now, enemies that use an element in their arsenal tend to resist that element more. Therefore, The Alchemist has quite high resistance to all three elemental effects you may use. If you’re not running a build with a modified Affliction Modifier, then elemental effects will be more difficult against this boss. We highly recommend not using your fire, frost, or ful bombs on the boss, as they do little damage and their elemental build-up bar progress rather slowly. Therefore, we recommend using more melee-focused moves and explosive grenades if necessary if you find yourself at range.

Other than that, we recommend the following consumables for this fight

  • Explosive Grenades - The best greandes for this boss, thanks to its higher resistance stats.
  • Ordinary Oil - Useful HoT effects in case you get hit.
  • Insulation Elixir - For clearing your element debuffs if you happen to take lots of damage.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, the boss does a mixture of melee and ranged attacks, but there’s nothing too stand out about it.

Fire Bomb: The boss will throw firebombs at the player and deal damage. It will also apply a bit of burn to your character. Simply dodge the bomb before it lands, and you will avoid its explosion.

Flask Swipe. The boss will throw three flasks, once for each element, in a swipe-like motion in front of it. The range of it is mid-range, so standing under the boss or further back will avoid the bombs’ damage and whatever element you were hit by.

Charge: Alchemist jumps backwards slightly, and then charges toward the player. Dodging to the side should be enough to avoid its hitbox.

Three melee attacks: Alchemist swings its cauldron around like a mace. It strikes sideways twice, before moving forward and doing an overhead strike.

Jab: Alchemist uses the pestle in its right hand to jab you if you’re directly in front of it and in melee range. Simply enough, try to attack the target from behind to avoid as it is fairly hard to dodge otherwise.

Leg Sweep - The boss will spin one of its legs around in a 360-degree motion and try and leg sweep the player, causing a high impact to knock down the player.

Phase 2

At around 50% HP, the boss’ moves upgrade somewhat, but nothing too crazy. You will find some of the moves now have an extra element attached to them, which means they hit harder or apply status effects to Aegis, which is something you must manage while playing through the fight. So keep in mind the moves from the first phase along with the new skills to be mindful of.

Frozen Area: Alchemist charges up and empowers its abilities. The boss pulls out its exhaust vent and slams it into the ground, creating a rectangle field of frost in an area of the battlefield closest to the boss. You will need to move to a new battlefield area to avoid it.

Lightning Bolts: The boss points its vent forward and unleashes lightning arcs in a long-range cone. Players will need to dodge backwards roughly three times to get out of range for the first hit of the spell and remain at a distance while the lightning field effects persist.

We recommend using grenades during this spell; otherwise, you will not be able to safely damage the boss, especially if there is a frost field surrounding the boss.

Inferno: Alchemist does another 360 move around its body, this time encircling itself with flames. Players in the area or hit by the flame walls will take flame damage. Once again, we recommend staying away during this effect and throwing bombs or using a ranged weapon if possible.

The tip here is to bring the fight into a ranged mode. The safest way of feeling with this boss is via using explosive grenades at this point and chipping away at the boss. The boss doesn’t have much ability to shield, dodge or counter your grenades, but it can still be defeated using melee weapons.

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