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Steelrising Bishop of the Cité Boss Guide

Craig Robinson

Steelrising has three Titans players will encounter early into the game, scattered around the first three additional levels once the carriage is unlocked. If you head over to La Cité, you will encounter the Bishop of the Cité, a big papist about to declare holy war against Aegis and her allies. There are a few tactics you will need to be careful of, along with some tips to make the fight easier. With no further ado, here is out Steelrising Bishop of La Cité boss guide.

We offer tips and tricks for beating Steelrising’s Bishop of the cité boss battle.

Steelrising Bishop of the Cité Boss Guide

Before we go any further, players can prepare the following items to increase their chances of success:

  • Explosive Grenades
  • Frost Grenades
  • Fire Resistance Vials
  • Ordinary Healing Potions.

Explosive Grenades are useful during the second and third encounters while the boss continues to roll around the battlefield.

Frost Grenades are useful for eventually freezing the target in place, making it easier to damage the boss during the harder stages of the fight as it’s constantly rolling around and shielding against your damage.

Fire Resistance Vials are useful in Phase 3 when the boss leaves behind fire trails and all its attack deal fire damage.

Ordinary Healing Potions are useful to combat and full fire debuff you take, and to top up any damage you take in previous stages where a flask isn’t necessary.

Phase 1

Bible Toss: The boss typically starts the encounter by throwing its giant metallic prayer book at the player’s location. This will deal damage unless you avoid it. Bishop will then drag the book back via its chain, sweeping the player up and then dealing damage with another attack. You need to sidestep it and not be in its path to avoid both sets of damage.

Staff Slam: Bishop rolls toward the player and slams its mighty staff onto the floor, repeating it again a second time. Simply dodge to the side twice, and then you can attack the boss from the rear as it goes for the second attack as it will guarantee miss.

Note that if you’re directly in front of the boss, it will slam its staff down and follow it up with another two via the rolls it does.

Occasionally, the boss will tire after a few hits, lurching over, making it easier to get a few free hits in.

Swipe: The boss swipes with its staff in a 180-degree radius to its front. Dodge to its back to get damage onto the boss during this action.

Front Shielding: The boss seems to shield itself often during the fight, preventing damage in a 180-degree radius around its front. Ideally, you will need to attack the boss from behind constantly.

Phase 2

Phase 2 seems to kick in around 50% HP with the boss gaining a new moveset. You can tell it has transitioned as the boss’ organ pipes on its back start to blow steam. The general strategy in this phase is to mainly dodge the incoming boss moves, as this is likely where you will lose health if you’re not too careful. But, to do damage, you wither wait for the burnout period to deal damage with your weapons, or use explosive grenades to burst it down.

Blades: The boss releases blades around the ball it moves around on, and will continuously move towards the players direction. The general way to avoid it is by jumping the blades, and then dashing just before the boss collides with you. That way, you can be out of its direct path. Alternatively, you can get the boss stuck in the objects, such as walls, or other objects, with the best being the dip in the rubble where the boss starts. Here is an example in the clip below.

Eventually, the boss runs out of steam and goes into a cooldown mode, opening it up for an attack.

Faster Swipe: The boss once again deploys its blades from the ball, and then goes towards the player. It then tries to swipe with the staff, scraping its blade across the floor.

360 Spin: The boss may also spin its staff 360 degrees, which is another move for you to dodge.

Phase 3

At around three bars of health left, the boss will move into phase 3. The boss’s organs now glow with fire, and the staff also deals fire damage. In addition, the boss repeats the same moves as previous, albeit applying the fire element to you, along with its movement leaving behind fire trails.

Since its moves don’t really change all too much, albeit the boss movies faster, the theory of dodging attacks is the same. However, you will likely need to use ordinary healing potions and fire resistance vials during the phase to make it easier. Keep at what you’re doing, and you will beat Steelrising’s Bishop of the Cité boss fight.

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