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Steelrising The Royal Orpheus Boss Guide

Craig Robinson

The seventh Titan boss battle in Steelrising is the Royal Orpheus, an optional side boss if you go and do the side quest that takes you back to the Saint-Cloud level. The mission becomes available after The Montemartre mission, and you can get the side quest by viewing the correspondence tab from the queen.

If you partake in the mission, follow the side mission guidance markers, and you’ll eventually get your way into the boss room. This boss has plenty of subtle moves, some of which will surprise you compared to other bosses. So, going in with some knowledge is certainly helpful. Below are the best tips and tricks we have found for fighting The Royal Orpheus in Steelrising.

Here are some tips and tricks for taking down the Royal Orpheus boss in Steelrising.

Steelrising The Royal Orpheus Tips and Tricks

The main thing you need to know about the Royal Oprheus is:

  1. It is a fulmination monster, meaning your lightning-based weapons or grenades will have less impact against it.
  2. The boss has moments where you can unleash lots of damage against it.

You’ll find that throughout the fight, the boss will sort of bounce around the place, not doing much against you, with some either incredibly fast attacks to follow, or some form of telegraph wavy hitting move. Either that, or the boss will do a really big move, but be open to attacks for a moment. As long as you’re decent enough at dodging and willing to use your heal, this fight can be done in one attempt.

To beat this boss with the most efficiency, we recommend using the following items or modules:

  • Ful resistance module - Improves your resistance to ful damage
  • Ful resistance consumable - Use when the boss enters phase 2 in case you get hit.
  • Ordinary Oil - Passive health restoration, useful for the boss’ sparse but big hits.
  • Improved Frost Grenades - Freezing this boss will make this fight much easier to handle.
  • Endurance Flux Vial - For those moments the boss is down through its own moves or your frost grenades, and you need infinite endurance to maximize your damage potential during those moments.

Phase 1

Health Bar Jump: The boss’ health bar flashes red with exclamation marks on both sides, followed by jumping into the air and crashing down on the player’s position. The player needs to dodge out a few times, as the boss will land, and then fling its weapon quickly to extend the crash’s range.

Smaller Jump: The Royal Orpheus jumps slightly, then uses its flail to slam down on the floor. Players can easily dodge in any direction to avoid the hit.

Slap: The boss will bounce around the courtyard rather than walking, and use its left hand to slap you if it happens to brush up against you or walks towards you. Be careful of that glove hand, as there is no real telegraph of the move. The best remedy is to always be on the weapon side of the boss.

Phase 2

Around 55% HP, the boss will drop to its knees, punching its own head for some reason until its head extends outwards. While this happens, it makes it very easy to attack. We recommend using an Endurance Flux Vial to ensure you can continue to attack without restriction while it is in its free damage phase.

Once the transition is done, the boss’ extended head will then blast fulmination damage from its mouth, so avoid the direction the boss’s head faces. Now the boss is back in session and has some more moves.

Electric Pools: The boss points its head towards the floor and shoots energy into it. Throughout the room, electric pools will form on the floor. And then spawn under your feet while the move lasts. You need to find an area with as much room as possible, and then try to move between the healthy spots to make sure you don’t walk into a pool by accident, as you’ll get a large dose of fulmination on your character.

Lightning Beam: The boss shoots a long-range consistent beam of lightning from its mouth, swiping from one side to the next. The solution to avoid this beam, and its large chunk of damage and ful effect, is to jump over it.

Ground Special Move: Once again, the boss’s health bar will flash red exclamation marks. However, it will do a ground attack instead. It pretty much turns to the player incredibly fast and does a dash with its arms flailing at its side. The best solution is to try and dodge backwards a few times to outrange it, as you cannot dodge through it and dodging to the side could get you hit by the spiralling limbs.

Once this move is over, the boss falls over, creating another chance to unleash hell into the boss and kill it.

In addition, the boss will also try to do the same moves as Phase 1, so be wary of those once again. Other than that, you can survive these moves, and beat Steelrising’s Royal Orpheus boss battle.

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