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Steelrising Key Modules Guide

Craig Robinson

Steelrising has a progression feature featuring modules, which are passive buffs you can give your character. As you progress through the game, you will unlock different tiers of modules, along with further improving those passive buffs. However, to unlock more and upgrade your module slots, you will need an item called Module Keys. Module Keys are essentially the currency you spend on upgrading those slots. Here is everything you need to know on the Module Keys in Steelrising.

Here is a quick rundown on the Key Modules in Steelrising.

How to get Module Keys in Steelrising

Throughout the game, you will naturally stumble upon Module Keys without having to put too much effort into finding them. These come from a variety of sources, including looting Titan bosses, Unstable Automat mini-bosses, and even on some of the pre-placed loot sources in the game, especially in the later game levels, side areas, or in little areas you can venture into using your movement abilities.

Once you start a campaign, you will naturally encounter the first mini-boss, the Unstable Lancer. Once you defeat this boss and loot the body, you will pick up a Module Key, that also gives you a short tutorial that you can access in the game’s glossary menu.

If you’re the sort of player that aims to do the main story and most of the side content, you will likely head into the game’s final level with enough collected keys to fully upgrade your modules. Note that the final level has three keys from what we gathered, so you will not be able to fully complete your module slots until you have explored the Versaille map.

If you’re a trophy hunter, be aware that there is a trophy for fully upgrading your module slots. Make sure you are only three keys away from completing this achievement/trophy before heading into Versatile, as you cannot leave the mission. Moreso, while on mission, make sure to grab the three keys. One is on a picnic near two cat robots, and one on a dead robot behind a wall you can knock down in the garden labyrinth. The other is looted from the unstable Automat ou ecnounter while progressing through the level.

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Equip 4 level 3 modules

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How to upgrade modules in Steelrising

At the start of the game, Aegis has one tier-one module unlocked. You will then need to spend your keys on unlocking and advancing the rest of your modules. Unlocking a new module costs one, while upgrading them to Tier-2 costs three each. To upgrade a module to Tier-3, you will need five keys.

You can then insert the different tiers of modules into the appropriate slot and improve your build as the game progresses, as long as you have the required module to insert in. You get these from bosses, chests, lootable objects and from the boutique.

In total, it means players can expect to collect 27 module keys in Steelrising throughout their playthrough. Happy hunting.

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It is 1789, and Paris is in turmoil. The third estate, clergy, and nobles are in philosophical disputes. Now more than ever has the tensions in the french polical system been so high. So, the king has chosen the defnd his position, building an army of automat robots to serve the royality. But, the king has gone mad, and the clockwork tyrant has unleased his army of robots upon the three estates as they all threaten his very power, turning Paris into a battlefield on command.

However, not all robots are sworn to protect the king. In Steelrising, you play the role of Aegis, a robot capable of self thought, reason, and is just as powerful as the most devastating of the king’s titantium troops. Your duty is to protect the queen, find important figures and help spear head the revolution against Louis XVI in this alternate history story.

As you play through the game, expect Souls-like combat, build prgressions, side missions and everythign else you espect from a historical setting game and Souls experience. We aim to help players with this guide’s content focusing on:

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