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Steelrising Bodyguard Class Guide

Craig Robinson

Steelrising has four distinct starting classes, each with its own unique playstyle. The first on the character creator screen is the Bodyguard, which is the focus of this page’s topic. We will teach you tips, tricks, and general strategies for the Steelrising Bodyguard class.

Heavy long-reaching attacks are your jam.

Steelrising Bodyguard class guide

The Steelrising Bodyguard class is the tanky class of the four options. This class starts off with the most armor and health, along with some decent two-handed action with its Body of Work Warhammer/shield hybrid. Here are the starting stats reflecting the basic starting equipment and playstyles.

Starting Features Name Description
Weapon Body of Work Warhammer weapon has 74 starting damage and a special shield move.
Grenade Petrification Grenade A grande that temporarily immobilises an enemy.
Perk 1 Durability +3 Start with three points in Durability, which grants increased health and balance.
Perk 2 Engineering +2 Engineering increases armor, the effectiveness of alchemical afflictions, and the chance of finding loot.

Class attributes, stats and modifiers

Attributes Aegis Attack Defence
Power: 0 Anima Essence: 0 Physical Damage: 74 Balance: 12%
Durability: 3 lvl. up: 1000 Flame Damage: 0 Armor: 70
Agility:0 Health: 310 Frost Damage: 0 Flame Resistance: 6%
Vigor: 0 Endurance: 100 Fulmination Damage: 0 Frost Resistance: 0%
Elemental Alchemy: 0 Alchemical Capsules: 5 Special Move damage: 0 Fulmination resistance: 6%
Engineering: 2 Loot Multiplier: x1.14 Impact: 103
Immobilization: 30
Critical Hit Multiplier: x1
Affliction Multiplier: x1.14

Note the attack damage is largely related to the starting weapons, and some stats will change depending on the weapon you use. However, the Impact - Affliction Multiplier sections are directly affected by the stats.

The Bodyguard is largely a class that can take damage with its increased armor and health pool, while dishing out damage with its large physical damage and impact focus. This build’s core playstyle and the starting points help players who want to time their heavy attacks and deal big chinks of damage to their foes.

Weapons of Choice

The main weapons that scale the hardest with your physical damage, and impact score are typically your long-reaching weapons, and the wheel weapon type. Examples of these include:

  • La Perouse Wheel
  • Wheel of Vengeance
  • Body of Work
  • Romas Artisan - Two handed Halberd with Volt infusion (You can get it from a box in Saint-Cloud if you retrun to the broken bridge after acquiring the three movement tools.) This is only optional if you want to use afflcition multiplier in your build.

The body of work has the longest range of the three weapons, but has the least amount of physical and impact damage. Meanwhile, the Wheel of Vengeance is a weapon whose secondary comes with a high-impact special move, which is also a counterattack and has the highest base physical attack of the three weapons. However, it has an incredibly short range. Lastly, the La Perouse Wheel is another shorter-range weapons, but has higher impact and physical damage than the Wheel of Time. Its hallmark is the Triple attack, which uses a fast combo of moves for strong impact and physical damage hits.

The impact score is an important part of the Bodyguard playstyle. The score reflects a weapon’s potential to knock an enemy over, versus the enemy’s balance. The most basic enemies can be knocked down at lower impact scores, but tougher enemies will have better balance. The higher your impact, the more likely you are to knock an enemy over. Knocking an enemy over, no matter how big or small, is a surefire way to guarantee you can easily land your next slow yet powerful strike.

Stat Focus

When players get to level up and spend their anima on upgrades, they will want to use it on:

  • Power: Increases Impact statistic.
  • Durability: Increases Health and Balance stat.
  • Engineering: Increases Armor, Affliction and Loot Multiplier.

Power: Power is needed, especially for improving your impact scaling. This makes it easier to knock enemies back. At higher thresholds, this makes it easier to knockdown bosses, too, allowing you to overpower even the toughest foes completely.

Durability: Durability increases health and balance, and therefore is key to the Bodyguard, thanks to the shorter range and slow-moving reality of the bodyguard’s playstyle.

Engineering: Increases the armor and elemental resistances of the class. Armor is nice for reducing the damage you take, along with increasing your resistance to elemental effects, which is handy against elemental enemies and, of course, reducing the frost effect of the cooldown mechanic, since you have low endurance and rely on cooldown.

You can invest your levels and anima on the three above as you feel necessary. You may also opt for some more points into other stats if you wish, but it is by far not the focus of the Bodyguard playstyle.

Grenades of Choice

The ideal consumable grenades are the Frost Grenades and Petrification Grenade. Petrification Grenades immobilize enemies, making them easier to hit, which is ideal for the short range and the slow and heavy swings of the Bodyguard weapons.

Frost grenades also freeze enemies in place for several seconds. This makes hitting enemies nice and easy, which is good for repeatedly landing the high physical damage attacks from your weapons. After so many hits, frozen enemies tend to get knocked down, which you can then easily land charged heavy attacks. You can also do this at the end of the enemy’s frozen duration too, marked by the frozen icon on their nameplate.

Modules of Choice

Players can take four modulea, each getting upgraded through the course of the game. The ideal modules for your Bodyguard are:

  • Resistance Mods - Take a resistance mod that you need to help counter the element primarily used by the robots on your given level.
  • Fight or Flight Module - Increases the Physical Damage and Impact inflicted when Aegis health is at its lowest.
  • Destruction Module - Increases Physical damage.
  • Ventilation Module - Reduces the internal frost damage caused by rapid cooling. - Bodyguards heavy swings use drastically more endurane for their attack and will likely find themselves using the rapid cooling feature more.
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It is 1789, and Paris is in turmoil. The third estate, clergy, and nobles are in philosophical disputes. Now more than ever has the tensions in the french polical system been so high. So, the king has chosen the defnd his position, building an army of automat robots to serve the royality. But, the king has gone mad, and the clockwork tyrant has unleased his army of robots upon the three estates as they all threaten his very power, turning Paris into a battlefield on command.

However, not all robots are sworn to protect the king. In Steelrising, you play the role of Aegis, a robot capable of self thought, reason, and is just as powerful as the most devastating of the king’s titantium troops. Your duty is to protect the queen, find important figures and help spear head the revolution against Louis XVI in this alternate history story.

As you play through the game, expect Souls-like combat, build prgressions, side missions and everythign else you espect from a historical setting game and Souls experience. We aim to help players with this guide’s content focusing on:

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