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Steelrising Soldier Class Guide

Craig Robinson

Steelrising’s Soldier class is your mixture of strength and crit build, with heavy two-handed weapons that can poke at a distance. It is a well-rounded class, with some solid playstyles witht the added bonus of plenty of weaponry options for your own personal choice. This Steelrising Soldier class guide will show you how the class works, the starting stats and general build, and recommend weapons worthy of use for when you unlock them.

The soldier is a specialist in long-range melee, and can use ranged weapons too.

Steelrising Soldiers Class Guide

Below you will find plenty of tips and tricks for the Soldier class in Steelrising. We are starting with the starting class stats and weapons, highlighting in general what the class look is. You get a pretty sizeable amount of stats from starting with the right class, which should shove you in the right direction of your desired playstyle. After that, we will go through weapon recommendations, which you can choose at your will to determine your own style of play Following on, you will get grenade and consumable tips, followed by stat priority when you level up, and then ideal modules to round out the Soldier’s playstyle.

Steelrising’s Soldier Starting Class Attributes, Stats and Modifiers

Attributes Aegis Attack Defence
Power: 3 Anima Essence: 0 Physical Damage: 71 Balance: 0%
Durability: 0 lvl. Up: 1000 Flame Damage: 0 Armor: 30
Agility: 0 Health: 250 Frost Damage: 0 Flame Resistance: 6%
Vigor: 2 Endurance: 114 Fulmination Damage: 0 Frost Resistance: 0%
Elemental Alchemy: 0 Alchemical Capsules: 5 Special Move damage: 36 Fulmination Resistance: 6%
Engineering: 0 Loot Multiplier: x1 Impact: 87
Immobilization: 24
Critical Hit Multiplier: x1.16
Affliction Multiplier:x1

Starting Loadout

Class feature Name Description
Weapon Gribeauval Halberd Heavy long weapon reach two-handed halberd with a base of 64 damage, with a special move that can shoot enemies.
Grenade Explosive Grenade A grenade capable of dealing damage and knicking over enemies.
Perk 1 Power +3 Power increases Physical damage and Impact.
Perk 2 Vigour +2 Increases Endurance, and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies

The Soldier’s weapon recommendations

The Soldier is a class that benefits from endurance for its heavy swings and power to buff their physical damage and impact rating. Therefore, weapons with strong Power scaling, and some Agility scaling are okay to help build that immobilization for the bit of crit rating you get from the Vigour stat. Therefore, You’re ideally looking for a main weapon with a strong power rating, with a secondary weapon with decent power and agility scaling to ramp any immobilization you can do, especially against Unstable Automats or Titans.

Here is a list of ideal weapons the Soldier can use for its Power and Agility hybrid playstyle. Feel free to experiment and find your onw preference, but we believe the four below are great recommendations to chose from.

  • Leda Halberd: A halberd with slightly different stats to the starting Halberd, but has a shield secondary fire. It offers some protection, since the Soldier has weak defensive stats.
  • Fire Chain: Decent medium-weight weapon, with strong base physical damage, decent impact, and some immobilization. However, the weapon has a decent range, and can cleave rather well with a quick tap heavy attack or a medium range full charged attack. It also adds fire damage with its special, which is an added DPS bonus against enemies you can stack the burn against without worrying too much about affliction scaling.
  • Volley Mallet: Two-handed mace weapon with secondary fire that fires rounds. This can build a very large amount of immobilization at close range for the meaty crits and has a B Power rating.
  • Gribeauval Halberd: The starting Halberd, with a ranged secondary attack, alongside solid melee range to keep enemies at distance and a long-range fully charged up charge attack at your enemy move. All around, it is pretty safe and reliable.
  • Dueling Pistol: The Dueling Pistol is a weapon acquired from the side mission in the Tuiliers, bringing you to the Louvre’s top floor apartments, offering players a pistol whith strong physical damage, which works with the Soldier.

Recommended Soldier Modules

  • Destruction Module: Increases Physical Damage
  • Endurance Module: Increases Endurance.
  • Fight or Flight: Increases Physical Damage and Impact when Aegis health is at its lowest.
  • Optional defense module: This can either be armor, elements resistance or health increase, depending on what you need against a boss, or themed elemental enemies.

The idea behind the modules for Aegis is that it plugs holes in the class’ weaknesses, or improves her strengths. We recommend using the Destruction Module at a minimum, thanks to the improved physical damage, as that scales with all your weapons regardless of your preference. You should also take Endurance Module. The soldier is a class that will burn through their endurance rather fast, whether using fast combo medium weight weapons or heavy weapons. The extra Endurance will go far for damage output, or getting an extra dodge since soldiers lack base defense capabilities.

The third option is the Flight or Fight module. This is useful for players who are getting a little low in fights with enemies, but it is more situational. On the other hand, players should take some form of a defensive module, such as improved health, armor or an elemental resistance type, to make runs through maps much smoother.

Since the third module is optional, it is possible to buy an extra Destruction Module and stack that added damage, especially when you can get your hands on multiple Tier 3 Destruction modules, typically costing around 1500 anima from the Boutique after you’ve beaten four Titans.

Soldier Stat Priority

The Stat Priority for the Soldier is largely:

  • Power
  • Vigour
  • Engineering / Durability / Alchemy
  • Agility

The priority for your build relies on Power and to reap the most from your improved Knockback and Physical Damage. Then you want the Vigour for your crit rate amplifier, along with increasing your Endurance bar. After that, you want to upgrade your defensive stats as and when required passively. Place points in the defensive stats as you feel is necessary.

The only time you’d really want agility will depend on if you start specialising in my Power / Agility balanced weapons. Otherwise, it is the least prioritized stat to level up.

Grenades of Choice

The Grenades you largely want to use are tunes that can CC your opponent. Therefore, Petrification Grenades and Frost Grenades are ideal for the Soldier class. These will make landing your heavy weapons easier and provide some life-saving mechanism when you find yourself low and need to slow the fight down to save yourself or set up your next big charged attacks.

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