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Steelrising The Iron Queen Boss Guide

Craig Robinson

The final Steelrising boss is the Iron Queen Titan, the big bad boss protecting the king in his Versailles palace. This is certainly one of the hardest bosses in the game, with plenty of special moves, very quick attacks, and surprising hits to watch out for. Luckily for you, we have cracked the code, and have tips and tricks you need to know to beat Steelrising’s Iron Queen.

Here are some tips and tricks for taking down the Iron Queen.

Steelrising The Iron Queen Tips and Tricks

The general theme of this fight is that she is fast, and has some strong gap closers, along with a plethora of heavy-hitting physical damage attacks, in both ranged and melee. Moreso, her armor, health and elemental resistance is fairly high, so there is some chugging to do this battle.

Also note that the Iron Queen has a very high elemental resistance, and takes around ten improved grenades to apply a status effect to the boss. Those with higher elemental affliction will not have much trouble but know other builds will. If you use these grenades to bolster your playstyle, ensure you’re well-stocked before the fight.

Moreover, be aware that lots of the boss’s ranged moves mean she stands still for several seconds. It makes it an ideal time to throw any explosive grenades, tap some light ranged attacks, or close in on the boss using your Selenite Dash and attack her. Just be sure to move out from under the boss once she’s done, as other moves can quickly hit you without warning.

As for the consumables and modules, we recommend the following:

  • Armor-focused gear and modules
  • Improves Explosive Grenades
  • Ranged weapon if preferable.
  • Endurance Flux Vial
  • Ordinary Oil

Phase 1

Anima Lazer: The boss unleashes a lazer in a straight line, arcing from the tiles below her to the direction you are standing. Simply side step this and you’re fine. Once the lazer beam ends, the floor’s cracks erupt, unleashing more anima from it like a magical wall. You will need to stay out of that general area until it has expired to avoiud taking easily avoidable damage.

Explosives: The boss throws out three explosive grenades, similar to the Alchemist’s grenades and the Treasurer’s Gargoyles. However, the first matches your range, the second a little shorter, with the last having the least range. You need to dodge backwards or to the side, and you’re fine.

Also, be aware the blasts tend to have a large explosion range that brand out another hit every 90 degrees from the explosion zone, which can deal sizable damage.

Sideways Blast: The Iron Queen lifts her sword into the air, and sends out four instant damage lines every 90 degrees around its body. Simply stand diagonally to the boss, and avoid treading to her front, sides or back to avoid this. Note the ability does not do much damage. However, it has a high impact rating. Therefore, avoid this, as the boss can follow this up with another move that can hit you. Not you cannot be under the boss when this happens as you will take damage.

Tail Swipe: The Queen’s peacock feathers can rotate 360 degrees and be used as a blade, either while you’re facing her, or attacking her from behind. Moreso, the queen can dash towards you while doing this move.

Short Dash: The boss’s sword points forward, and she then dashes a short distance from you. You can easily dodge backwards or to the side, depending on where you are, to avoid this. If you’re in point-blank range, she will instead scrape her sword on the floor and run through you, which is much harder to dodge.

Long Dash: Iron Lady may dash towards the player’s position, which can fly across most of the battlefield if she so wishes. This is a move you need to roll to the side you avoid, as she is essentially a very fast-moving projectile.

Phase 2

At around 50% she transitions into phase 2 of the fight, but will only do so once it has finished whatever move it is doing. When the transition occurs, the boss will have a ghostly glow before her position, and souls will draw in from around her. She will then explode, sending out explosive souls that come crashing down around the battlefield. Try your best to avoid where they land. There are typically spaces free where no soul will land at.

After that, the boss will double jump into the air and try to dive bomb you by dashing her sword towards your location. You will need to sidestep this or dash under her path, depending on where you are standing from the boss when this happens.

Besides that, the boss makes the same moves as in phase 1, albeit with more strength to it, and her dash distance is bigger. This may take one or two goes to get used to, but once you get her patterns, you can freely dodge and swerve in, and out when necessary and
take this boss out. After the boss is defeated, you have completed the game, congratulations!

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It is 1789, and Paris is in turmoil. The third estate, clergy, and nobles are in philosophical disputes. Now more than ever has the tensions in the french polical system been so high. So, the king has chosen the defnd his position, building an army of automat robots to serve the royality. But, the king has gone mad, and the clockwork tyrant has unleased his army of robots upon the three estates as they all threaten his very power, turning Paris into a battlefield on command.

However, not all robots are sworn to protect the king. In Steelrising, you play the role of Aegis, a robot capable of self thought, reason, and is just as powerful as the most devastating of the king’s titantium troops. Your duty is to protect the queen, find important figures and help spear head the revolution against Louis XVI in this alternate history story.

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