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Steelrising Dancer Class Guide

Craig Robinson

The Dancer is the agile, endurance-heavy, and crit-heavy class in Steelrising, all about getting in, getting fast attacks off, and then dodging out of incoming attacks. It is one of the more difficult starter classes in the game, but one that is very fast, fluid, and fun when it goes right. Here are some tips and tricks in our Dancer Steelrising guide.

Look at the spinning on this Dancer.

Steelrising Dancer Class Guide

We will start off with the basics of what picking a Dancer comes with, both in its equipment, and starting bonuses, along with general class information you work with at the start. Note that players can pivot their character as they fit when they get in-game, so you are largely picking the class for its starting benefits, Agility and Vigor, the immobilization and crit-focused stats.

Dancer starting class attributes, stats and modifiers

Class feature Name Description
Weapon Armored Fans Light dual wield weapon that deals 52 base damage, with a secondary attack that turns her weapons into a shield.
Grenade Flame Grenade Explosive grenade that ignites enemies affected.
Perk 1 Agility +3 Increases Immobilization Damage and Physical Damage.
Perk 2 Vigour +2 Increases Endurance and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies.
Attributes Aegis Attack Defence
Power: 0 Anima Essence:0 Physical Damage: 54 Balance: 0%
Durability: 0 lvl. Up: 1000 Flame Damage: 0 Armor: 30
Agility: 3 Health: 250 Frost Damage: 0 Flame Resistance: 6%
Vigor: 2 Endurance: 114 Fulmination Damage: 0 Frost Resistance: 0%
Elemental Alchemy: 0 Alchemical Capsules: 5 Special Move damage: 0 Fulmination Resistance: 6%
Engineering: 0 Loot Multiplier: x1 Impact: 49
Immobilization: 41
Critical Hit Multiplier: x1.16
Affliction Multiplier: x1

The Dancer’s Weapons of Choice

The Dancer gets access to three really good weapons early on, which can carry you to the end of the game with upgrades. These are:

  • Nemesis Claws
  • Armored Fans
  • Falchion and Sabre

The Nemesis Claws are the A tier Agility scaling weapons, which reward the big crits that you do with the immobilization score. Also, the weapon’s fourth right attack in a chain strikes the target three times. This makes it incredibly good for wracking up quick damage on a target, and building that immobilization meter on your tracked target. All in all, it is a weapon that scales incredibly well with the Dancer’s focus on agility and immobilization, and likely to become the main weapon in your build.

Another weapon of interest is the Armored Fans, the weapon you begin the game with. The Armoured Fan is like other fans in the game, except it has the best agility scaling and some decent power modifiers. Its secondary fire is a shield that helps players play the squishiest and the most up close and personal starting class in the game. It is a solid option throughout the game, especially if you are new or still learning the Souls-like genre.

Another quality weapon is the Falchion and Sabre. The weapon has decent power and agility scaling, so it benefits from your increased impacts, physical damage and immobilize and other damaging aspects. However, this weapon is ideal for players fighting multiple enemies at once. Dancers tend to have high Endurance, so you can easily afford the Blade Tornado secondary attack. It also hits quite hard if you do a power build on top, so it can pair well with a an immobilization setup weapon like the Nemesis Claws, with your big crit physical damage Sabre popping the immobilization guaranteed crit. Lastly, the weapon is also ideal for attacking foes that don’t typically get to the immobilize status before they die. All in all, this weapon flatters your build rather well.

On another note, players can also use any elemental-themed weapon with decent agility scaling. This allows the Dancer to build alchemical stacks for some extra damage on top of their enemy, especially bigger enemies or bosses. You can then switch back to your agility weapon of choice and then unleash it on your enemy while they are encased with the status power you have applied to them. This is especially good when used in conjunction with the relevant grenade type to quickly build those status effects up, allowing you to switch back to your agility weapon for the big immobilization and crit damage. Alternatively, you can use the grenades and be okay too.

Grenades of choice

The recommended grenades for a Dancer are:

  • Fire Grenades
  • Explosive Grenades
  • Immobilization
  • Frost Grenades

Fire and Explosive Grenades are your general DPS improvement, especially against bosses and tougher enemies. Steelrising’s Dancer spends a lot of time dodging and weaving in attacks, so these grenades help to offset when they are not close enough to deal damage themselves.

Meanwhile, the Immobilization Grenades works very well with the immobilization to help get your crits off. On the other hand, Frost Grenades can help freeze targets in place, allowing the Dancer to get lots of hits off, while building up their immobilization for juicy crits without resistance.

Steelrising Dancer Stat Priority

The Dancer needs a few skills primarily for its focus, which are:

  • Vigour
  • Agility

Vigour is the stat that rewards the Dancer with Endurance, which is the stamina bar of the game. Dancers will attack and dodge a lot, so they will need more endurance to ramp that immobilization effectively on their opponent. You also want Agility, as that especially increases the physical damage and Immobilization stat. Agility is the stat you will invest most of your levels in, with Vigour being the next most important stat. You’ll know it’s time to upgrade your Endurance when you’re aware your Endurance bar isn’t keeping up with the enemies you are fighting.

After that, you have options. Players should passively level up their health, armor and alchemy for elemental resistances as they go. You don’t need too much, just enough to ensure you don’t get battered. You can also offset these stats with armor and mods you put into your module slots as you get stronger and acquire module keys.

If you want to weave in some elemental-style weapons, you’ll need more affliction modifier, which is an alchemy stat. Take more of that if you opt for that playstyle, or go Power instead if you intend on using a weapon with more impact or weight for those strong immobilized, guaranteed crit hits.

Steelrising Dancer Modules

Modules are an important part of building any character. The Dancer’ has a few notable strengths and weaknesses, which these modules will improve. We recommend taking these four options when you get the chance to, and upgrade the modules when their better version arrives.

  • Charging Module - Increases Physical damage caused by successful fully charged attacks.
  • Resistance Modules - Any resistance modules you need in the area depending on the enemy alchemical types.
  • Longevity Module - Increases Aegis health.
  • Swiftness Module - Increase Immobilisation generation by dodge and sprint attacks.
  • Grade III Destruction Module - Increases your physical damage

The resistance modules are good for the levels you are on, as most levels tend to have an elemental theme for the most part. On levels where it is hard to distinguish, you can go the general resistance improvement, or take the armor if there’s a lack of elemental damage types. Flexibility is key to this slot.

The health module is an all-around net gain for the Dancer. Dancers tend to have little range, and are, by default, the squishiest class in the game. Getting health modules tends to mitigate that to a degree.

The Swiftness and the Charging modules are your shoutouts for our damage type. The Swiftness makes it easier to get Immmobilization charges from dodge and sprint attaks. This is a big factor when it comes to boss or elite enemy killing as you will naturally dodge lots and then strike when the time is right, which is an overall improvement to the build. Meanwhile, the Charging Module is good for landing that easy-to-land fully charged attacks on enemies you’ve just sent flying with a counterattack or an immobilization knockdown effect.

Lastly, we have the Destruction module. his increases your physical damage, but only appears later in the game. When you get this, feel free to replace with any of your choice.

This concludes this Steelrising Dancer guide. Now you knwo whow this class works and what you can expect to make sure you take on teh French Revolution with ease.

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