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Steelrising Treasurer of Les Invalides Boss Guide

Craig Robinson

The fourth Titan boss in Steelrising is the Treasurer of Les Invalides, which you arrive at once you have unlocked all of Aegis’ navigation tools. The boss is inside the Les Invalides building, which is locked away behind gates and a river in the second level you venture to in-game. This guide aims to teach you useful tips and tricks to face off against Steelrising’s Treasurer of Les Invalides.

Here are some tips and tricks to beat the Treasurer boss in Steelrising.

Steelrising Treasurer of Les Invalides Tips and Tricks

The Treasurer of Les Invalides is one of the simpler Titan fights in the game. The boss has very little resistance to elemental effects, so Alchemist players will enjoy this fight. Moreso, if you bring any grenades, they will be very effective. Before heading into the fight, we recommend the following consumables:

  • Ordinary Oil - Passive health regeneration when used in case you are hit
  • Frost Grenades - It is easy to freeze this boss, which is useful against its annoying jumping moves in phase 2.
  • Endurance Flux Vial - There’s a lot of attacking and dodging in this fight, so you can use these to help speed the pace of the fight up.

Phase 1

Swipe: Treasurer uses his giant key to swipe it in an arc across the floor. This has a sizeable range, so either stand under the boss to avoid its arc, be behind the boss, or completely outrange it.

Gargoyles: The Treasurer sticks its key into itself, twisting, activating its Rook back. Three gargoyles then fly out of it, homing in on the player. You need to sidestep each one to avoid their little crash into the floor, which unleashes fulmination damage. Make sure you have enough energy to dodge three times back-to-back.

Overhead Swing: The boss lifts its giant key and then slams the mace handle into the ground. You have enough time to dodge behind the boss before it lands. This allows you to continue to damage the boss safely.

Phase 2

At around 66% HP (depleted 4 bars) the boss transitions into Phase 2. The boss’s nameplate will trigger red exclamation marks on both sides of the health bar and unleash electricity around its body. You need to dodge away. Once the skill is complete, the boss’s key is enchanted with fulmination, adding more power to its attacks.

Jump: Treasurer now has access to a jump skill. This will try to jump towards the player’s position and do a 360-degree damage zone in a short range. Players need to dodge at least three times backwards to avoid taking damage. Otherwise, you will take around half your health in damage, and get knocked over (this depends on health and balance stats).

Key: The boss continues to put its key into itself, albeit this time, it increases its jump height to do even more damage. However, when it lands, it tends to stay on the floor a little longer, so you have time to dash in using the Selentine dash and get up close fast to damage it, rather than wasting several dodges as we did the first time we encountered it.

The jump is pretty much the main mechanic you need to watch for in this phase.

There is the occasional move that is similar to phase 1, albeit it is a little quicker. Overall, there’s not much to worry about, and you shall easily take down the Treasurer of Led Invalides.

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