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Map of Chapter 9

Location Objective
Fort Dragonfall Seize.
Enemies Present
Spear Fighter
New Allies Class Recruit
Azura Songstress Automatically at battle beginning
Nyx Dark Mage Talk using Avatar

Talking to Nyx

There are some chests in this map! Niles, with Locktouch , will be the star of the show here when it comes to unlocking them. And be sure you do, because they contain super valuable items! The chest up top contains a Rescue rod, while the far right chest contains a Brass Naginata .

Nyx is to the southeast, and unlike in previous chapters, you could potentially lose her forever unless you go up to adjacent to her and use the Talk command. Your Avatar is super persuasive, so after a short conversation, she will permanently join your party. Azura , meanwhile, has already joined you. She has a unique class exclusive to her, the Songstress class. By Singing , she will give your units an extra turn, like the dancer class in previous Fire Emblem installments. Azura’s strength and health are lacking, so singing will be the best way to give her experience. Even if you don’t need an extra turn, let her sing to someone every turn.

There is a Dragon Vein here that will send acid rain. Any unit caught in the deluge, whether friend or foe, will be left with one hit point . You should definitely use it to weaken your enemies, but make sure you don’t entrap your allies! If you want to be super tactical, you can bait a few enemies into the region before setting off the vein.

Before you get ready to make mincemeat out of the boss, get ready at the middle stairwells for the enemy reinforcements. Archers and Spear Fighters will appear to try and surprise you. The spear fighters are easy to block off with two bulky units (Effie maybe?) but Archers can attack even through walls so you’ll want to pick them off. Since they can’t attack back if you attack adjacently (really, you should know this by now), you can use a weaker unit (like Mozu maybe) to get some precious experience.

Finally we can approach the boss, Haitaka . Silas will prevent Haitaka from landing a critical hit if you’re concerned about critical hits (given the startling frequency of 2% chance criticals actually happening, you should be). Haitaka will heal between turns, and you should too! Unleashing multiple units on Haitaka in the same phase, like how you handled the boss in the previous chapter, is a good idea as well (to prevent Haitaka from even getting a chance to heal). Azura’s Singing will help you greatly!

Once Haitaka is defeated, use any unit to Seize the flashy colorful tile, and you have won!

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