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Location Objective
Hoshido Border Rout the enemy.
Enemies Present
Sky Knight
Shrine Maiden

To win this fight, we need to defeat four of the five enemies. It seems fairly intuitive, but there is some strategy necessary. First of all, Xander and Ryoma are the only characters in each other’s attack ranges. That means you can just use Xander, right? Not so. Xander’s accuracy is much lower than Ryoma’s, and he will also be taking fairly heavy damage. If we don’t help him out, Xander might bite the dust, leaving our other units to be defeated by Ryoma’s fury.

Just like the prologue mission, there is a Dragon Vein nearby that nearly everyone can use. So let’s help Xander out. Heading to the north near the Dragon Vein is the best path right now, and it’s highly recommended that you pair up Camilla with Xander to boost his stats a little. Adjacent pairing will leave Camilla at the mercy of Takumi or Yukimura , both of whom use Yumi (Hoshido’s bows).

Triggering the Dragon Vein will dry the water. This will allow Xander to retreat for healing if he needs it…just beware of Ryoma, as he will happily come after you! Once Xander is at fully HP you can go and fight Ryoma again, and hopefully defeat him. If Ryoma chases you while you’re trying to heal Xander, try to keep your more vulnerable party members out of reach.

Once Ryoma is defeated, you can start heading south. Takumi and Hinoka are teamed up down here, and Takumi is the leader of the pair currently. You can bait Takumi by sending one of your higher-leveled fighters into his attack range while keeping everyone else just out of range (particularly Camilla and Elise). Then, defeat him swiftly with your other fighters. Takumi, being an Archer , can’t counter if you attack from right next to him. Heal up with Jakob or Elise, being careful to keep Elise out of Hinoka’s range as you defeat her as well, which should be easier since she’s alone now.

From here, you just need one more kill: either Yukimura or Sakura . Sakura is the weaker target and you can send anyone out to defeat her. However, you might want to keep Camilla away just in case Sakura isn’t defeated in one turn, since Yukimura can easily defeat her. Yukimura can be baited similarly to how Takumi was, and then you can attack him from right next to him so that his bow is useless, if you want to defeat Yukimura instead (because why would you go after such an adorable little girl?? You monster!).

And that’s it for this chapter! Congratulations!

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