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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World Star-5: Super Block Land

Jarrod Garripoli

You will find a lot of the big ?-Blocks in this stage, as well as Bob-ombs and Chargin’ Chucks. At the beginning, move forward, ignoring the Bob-ombs and jump up to the next section. There is a power-up in one of the ?-Blocks straight ahead (Super Leaf), which can be helpful, although it’s not really needed. There is a wall on the far side and if you head to the right, you will see some large bricks on top of it. Unfortunately, you can’t break these bricks with your normal character, as the only things that can destroy them are a bomb, a Chargin’ Chuck, or a Mega Mushroom.

(1 of 3) There is a hidden Mega Mushroom here

Move to the right and eliminate the Chargin’ Chuck here, then location the normal bricks along the back wall. The one on the far right will dispense bombs, so use one to blow up the large bricks on the back wall, particularly the ones right next to the vertical portion. While hugging the wall, do a Ground Pound jump and you should hit an invisible ?-Block, revealing a Mega Mushroom. As soon as you grab it, march to the right, trying to keep to the front of the level (towards the camera). There are some large ?-Blocks you don’t want to destroy. Your aim with the Mega Mushroom is a large brick embedded in the ground, so step on it to break it and reveal the Stamp.

Let the Mega Mushroom run out, then get on those larger ?-Blocks. The one on the far left, when using a Ground Pound on it, will extend towards the top of the wall, allowing you to jump up and grab Green Star #1. Take the Warp Box on the right to the next area and continue forward until you spy the grey brick in the upper left. Use one of the bombs in the area to blow it up, but you will want to be careful not to destroy all of the other bricks; the grey brick will unlock Green Star #2. To the right will be some Chargin’ Chucks and you will notice you need to collect five Key Coins.

(1 of 3) The second Green Star is inside of the grey block here

Key Coin #1 is in plain sight and Key Coin #2 is just a ways to the right. If you smash the blocks to the left of the ?-Blocks, you can find Key Coin #3 and Key Coin #4 is on some blocks that lead to the bottomless abyss, so grab it before it becomes a gap. Ground pound the ?-Blocks then climb up to grab Key Coin #5, but don’t exit just yet! Break the Big Block above the Baddie Box on the far right to reveal a little hidden area. There is an extendable ?-Block here, so Ground Pound it to reach Green Star #3 in the air. Head back into the Warp Box then cap the Goal Pole.

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