Continue to the right. You will come to a ramp with a pressure switch beneath it. Climb this and drop down the other side, climb the ladder here. On the ledge, push the box beneath the ladder and climb up to the next level.

To your left you will find a pair of hanging platforms that you can move. Jump over the first one and pull it as far as it will go to the left. Jump over the second one and throw the switch at the far left. This will release a tyre which will roll slowly to the right; we need to carry this across on the hanging platforms. Quickly run back to the right and jump over the first platform again, push it as far to the left as you can. As the tyre rolls, you need to pull the platform along with it so it doesn’t fall into the pit below. When the tyre reaches the second platform, switch over and push that to the end. The tyre will drop down below.

Climb the ladder to access a higher area (left). Press the button on the left and use the platforms to move the tyre to the far right side of the pit (right).

Cruise back down the ladders and into the room with the sloped ramp and the pressure switch. Push the tyre up the ramp to the left as far as it will go and quickly run back over to the right and scale the first ladder. As the tyre hits the pressure pad (and this will happen a couple of times, so don’t fret if you miss the first one), a small section of wall will open, allowing you to push the crate here down to ground level.

Grab the crate and drag it to the right. Using the crate, have our shadowy friend jump up to the platform with the lever.

Dont pull the lever (left). Instead jump all the way over the cog to the far side to find a secret egg (right),

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Climbing the Cog

Don't pull the lever just because you can

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Pull the switch on the platform to activate the cog. Push the box up to the cog so it gets taken over to the right hand side. Ride the cog up and jump up to the platform above, grab the crate here and push it onto the cog as well. Ride the cog down to ground level.

To the right is a pressure pad. Stepping on this will make a section of ground rise up on the right. Push one crate as far as you can against the right wall and push the second crate onto the switch. As the platform rises, jump across and use the crate here to reach the ledge above.

Once you have both crates to the right of the cog (left). Move them to the right as such so that we can access the platform above (right).

Continue to the right. Run past the switch and onto the chain suspended above an electrified floor. Swing the chain back and forward until it is swinging as much as it can. Jump back to the left and hit the switch. Quickly run back and jump onto the chain as it moves. Use the chain to swing to the other side of the electric floor.

Drop down the ledge here.


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