Continue past the first lever and drop down to see a small animal trying to jump and reach a glowing plant. As you approach it will scurry away and hide. Jump onto the platform above the creature, then jump to the platform with the glowing plant on the underside. Jump on it a couple of times, and the glowing plant will fall below. Jump back to the platform above the shadow creature and when it runs out to grab the food, drop down behind it.

Hop on the pipe to dislodge the glowing object (left) and then drop down behind the creature that comes to eat it and chase it to the left (right).

It will scurry away once more into, you guessed it, a hamster wheel! Jump up and hit the switch, hold it for a few seconds and it will begin to rain.

Continue to the right.

When you see the chain hanging from the broken pipe, ignore it, and drop down into the hole to the right. Pull the log into the centre of the pit, and then climb up the left side. Jump onto the chain of the broken pipe to fill the hole with water. Jump to the log and then up to the platform on the opposite side.

After positioning the log, pull the chain to fill the pit with water (left). Jump across the log to the next ledge (right).

When you reach the pool of black death fluid, jump to the small plant hanging over the edge. Climb up this and continue into the pipe. Slide down into the next area.


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