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I Am Setsuna

The Lone Swordsman

Jarrod Garripoli

As a final resort, Schwartzstrom will unleash a tidal wave on your ship and end up sinking it. Upon waking up, you’ll find Endir alone in some unknown place. Head north to find a save point, then you’ll find Setsuna north of that, being harassed by two monsters. Defeat them and Setsuna will wake up, joining back up with you to search for Aeterna. The exit to this little area is in the southwest corner. Keep heading in that direction, stopping to explore the big area that opens up to the north.

There are two chests here, but one is locked, with the unlocked one containing a Windrider . This is a new weapon for Endir and better than the one currently equipped, so make sure you put it on him. Continue west to meet up with Aeterna, who’s more than happy to see that you’re still alive…heh. Anyway, the exit from this area is locate to the north, so take it to bring yourself to the world map. Your next destination is to the north, a town named Serendale.

Upon entering it, you find it is not populated and is rather run down. However, you find someone being harassed by a Pengy, which knocks him to the ground. Guess it’s time to rescue, so take care of the Pengy and the man will introduce himself as Nidr. He points you to the nearest town, which is north and a little east of Serendale. Before going there, however, there is something you can still do here in Serendale.

The exit to the world map is located north of Nidr, but head east from him to come to a bridge that is raised. Go south of that and you’ll come to another raised bridge, but the lever is on this side, so you can lower it. Keep moving east to find a locked chest, but in the area just north of that will be a normal chest, containing a Hair-Shuriken , a new weapon for Setsuna. Continue north and there will be another normal chest on the western side of the short split path ( Chaos Orb Bracelet , which is a Talisman).

Puff-Puffs can inflict Sap on characters with Poisonous Breath (left). They will always Self-Destruct when they have been killed (right).

Follow the rest of the path to come to a save point and south of that will be the eastern side of the bridge you couldn’t lower before, but you will be able to now since the lever is on this side. With that done, take the exit mentioned earlier to arrive north of Serendale on the world map. Go north and a little east to find the next town, Purikka.


At the entrance, you’ll end up meeting with the Magic Consortium member you saw on the ship with you. He mentions that there is a series of caverns that you can use to reach Floneia Citadel, but you’ll need to speak with the captain in Purikka to unlock the entrance. He also talks about a few NPCs in town, who are fellow traders of his, mainly a blacksmith, apothecary and chef. They will all be inside of the pub to the left of the village entrance, so it’s a good idea to pay them a visit.

First, talk to the Consortium member to be able to sell things. You can sell all of the materials you have gotten on your journey thus far, but you want to be careful about selling any items that are in green, as they will be used for something else. Selling the materials dropped by monsters will enable you to purchase new Spritnites, giving your characters access to new techs. Each Spritnite requires specific materials before you are able to acquire them, so it helps to defeat enemies in as many ways as possible.

Particular Spritnites that are good to grab, provided you have the necessary materials, are Aura, Wall, Lightning and Protect. As soon as you enter the town proper, go left and into the first building you see to spot the NPCs mentioned earlier. Before talking to any of them, talk to the waitress in black and if you have a Purikka Cobbler, Square Onion, Amber Rock Salt and Golden Peppercorn (all items found from the glowing spots in areas and on world maps), then she will give you the Scrumptious Salad recipe. Giving this recipe to the chef on the north end of the room will allow you to purchase that recipe.

You will get new Spritnite by selling materials dropped by enemies to the Magic Consortium (left). Aura is a great healing tech for Endir (right).

The Apothecary NPC is just a standard merchant that sells usable items, while the Blacksmith will sell new equipment. Of note here is a new weapon for Aeterna, as well as a bunch of Talismans. Starry Will is a nice one for Endir, since he can equip both the Aura and Wall Spritnites, if you’ve gotten them, which are two very useful techs to have in battles. Once you’re finished shopping, you can freely explore the rest of the village. The only thing worth noting is in the house in the upper right corner, where you’ll find a chest with Ether x5 in it.

This house also is the home of the captain of the resistance, who is named Freyja. She refuses your plea for help and asks you to meet with the soldiers of the resistance outside. You’ll be forced to battle them, which shouldn’t be much trouble at all. The captain decides she’ll join you, but after she does one last patrol, offering her place to rest while you wait. Head back to the house and wait until you hear something, so go to the village’s entrance to find some bad news.

After everything’s said and done, you decide to go after Nidr. Return to the world map, heal up with a Tent, save and enter Serendale once more. It seems Nidr is hiding something, so chase after him. You will want to get to the save point here (check the paragraphs before Purikka to find out where it is), where you should see Nidr standing just northwest of it. While you are talking with Nidr, the mysterious person with the scythe shows up, sparking a battle.

BOSS - Reaper

This boss fight is relatively simple, as Reaper will only use one move the entire fight, called Scythe Attack. Because of this, it’s quite easy to keep track of everything, so you will know when to heal and have chances to attack. Reaper should be dealing around 40 or so damage to your characters and he can act fairly fast, so you will want to keep an eye on everyone’s health, especially if he manages to get more than one member with his attack. The standard strategy of keeping everyone’s HP high and attacking with Momentum Mode, especially X-Strike, is useful for this boss.

Reaper’s only move is Scythe Attack (left). X-Strike is a great combo to use for damage (right).

Once you finally finish off Reaper, he’ll scurry off after some help from Nidr. Return to the village and speak with Freyja, who agrees to help you get on your way. Restock if you need to, then exit the village and head northwest to the Frost Caves. At the entrance, it turns out that Freyja isn’t going to join you, but actually Nidr! This puts you at four party members and you can only bring three into battle.

Setsuna has the ability to heal with Cure and if you’ve grabbed Lightning, she is the only one with a magical attack (will come in handy for the next boss). Endir should have both Aura (a group heal) and Wall, two very useful abilities, plus he’s physically strong. That leaves a choice of Aeterna and Nidr. Aeterna, while not strong, is quick and can get you a Time Kill, netting you more items after battle. On the other hand, Nidr is about as or even stronger than Endir, plus his Aerial Strike tech has huge knockback.

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Once a decade, to maintain peace, a sacrifice was made to a fiend on the island. This custom had been effective until recently when the fiend grew violent before the next sacrifice was due. To calm the fiend down, a new sacrifice was offered; Setsuna - chosen because of her powers of enchantment. She must leave with her safeguards to the farthest lands where the sacrifice will be made.

With a battle system based off the legendary JRPG Chrono Trigger, I Am Setsuna is undoubtedly a masterpiece of story-telling and nostalgia. Our guide will cover the following:

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