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I Am Setsuna

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Command Spritnite

Jarrod Garripoli

Endirs Spritnites

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Aura Heal Status Ailments Majestic Crest (x2)
Backslash Add Physical Damage Sturdy Sheet Metal (x2), Round Stone (x1)
Battlecry Add Crit Rate Up, Evasion Rate Up, Accuracy Rate Up, Status Infliction Rate Up Holy Paulownia Root (x1), Transparent Blade (x2)
Blade Wave HP Recovery Large Pincer (x1), Slicing Wing Feather (x1)
Cleave Add Physical Damage Bitter Berry (x1), Large Pincer (x1), Unknown Bone (x1)
Cyclone Add Physical Damage Majestic Crest (x2)
Genesis Guaranteed Critical Endir’s Sidequest
Life Add Auto-Life Four-Leaf Shamrock (x1), Iron Ore (x1)
Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Magen Duration Boost Large Leaf (x1), Round Stone (x2)
Meteo Add Physical Damage Black Dream (x1), Giant Rear Horn (x1)
Quick Duration Boost White Dream (x2), Giant Spear Horn (x1), Pale Yellow Gem (x1)
Radiance Add Special Damage Jagged Right Tail (x2), Patterned Stone (x1)
Realization Duration Boost Shiny Fur (x2), Golden Gem (x1)
Shock Add Magical Damage Sturdy Sheet Metal (x2)
Spark HP Recovery Godwood Splinter (x2), Fossilized Snow (x2)
Wall Affect All Large Leaf (x1), Unknown Bone (x1)

Endir's Aura is one of your first group heals (left). Battlecry is one of the better buffs in the game (right).

Setsunas Spritnites

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Cheer Duration Boost Earthenware Shard (x1), Prayer Pebble (x2)
Cure ATB Boost Slippery Hide (x1)
Cure II Guaranteed Critical Awakening Grass (x1), Squirming Tentacle (x1)
Enthunder Affect All Sleek Barbel (x1)
Holy Light ATB Boost Setsuna’s Sidequest
Incite HP Recovery Sturdy Sheet Metal (x1), White Snow Lily Flower (x1)
Inspire Duration Boost Broken Pocketwatch (x1), Circular Sheet (x1), White Cedar Root (x2)
Life II Add Auto-Revive Shining Stone (x2), Growing Feather (x1), Lightning Down (x1)
Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Lightning Add Magical Damage; Lightning Resist Down Sharp Talon (x1)
Lightning II Add Magical Damage Plant Seed (x2), Millenial Ice Lump (x1), Broken Pocketwatch (x1)
Luminaire Add Auto-Revive Silver Khakkhara (x2), Silver Chalice (x1), Slanted Scales (x1), Angel’s Armor Plate (x1)
Play Dead Add Accuracy, Critical Hit Rate, Invisibility, and Attack Moss-Oak Root (x2), Yellow Pine Root (x2)
Prayer Guaranteed Critical Prayer Pebble (x2), Rainbow Gem (x2)
Remedy Affect All Healing Tail Feather (x2), Warm Ear Fur (x1)
Sanctity HP Recovery Faintly Glowing Gem (x1), Pale Pink Gem (x1)
Whirling Shot Guaranteed Critical Fluffy Fur (x1), Crimson Gem (x1), Moss-Covered Fur (x1)

Aeternas Spritnites

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
All Creation Add Special Damage Fan-Maple Root (x2), Aphyllous Fir Root (x1), Jagged Left Tail (x1)
Charge Add Physical Damage Unknown Shell (x1)
Demi Add Magical Damage Warm Ear Fur (x1)
Dream Shatterer Add Evasion Rate Up Miniature Cherry Root (x2), Moss-Oak Root (x2)
Enchrono Affect All Imp Walnut Root (x2), Unknown Shell (x1)
Flawless Blow HP Recovery Imp Walnut Root (x2), Twin Ginkgo Root (x1)
Frog Squash Add Special Damage Shining Seed (x2), Aphyllous Fir Branch (x1), Emperor’s Crown Gem (x1), Ruffled Crest (x1)
Frenzy Guaranteed Critical Holy Paulownia Flower (x1), Snow Cherry Root (x1),

Protect is a great skill to have against physically attacking enemies (left). Slow makes sure enemies get in fewer turns (right).

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Gearadia Guaranteed Critical Aeterna’s Sidequest
Haste Duration Boost Pale Red Gem (x1), Snow Cherry Root (x1)
Mirage Affect All Millennial Seed (x2), White Cedar Root (x1), Bright Blue Gem (x1)
Oblivion Add Defense Down (All) Broken Pocketwatch (x2), Slippery Hide (x1), Small Cog (x1)
Permanence Affect All Broken Pocketwatch (x2), Fan-Maple Root (x1)
Protect Duration Boost Large Pincer (x1), Sturdy Sheet Metal (x1)
Slow ATB Boost Hexagonal Pendant (x1), Powdered Bone (x2)
Stop ATB Boost Iron Ore (x1), Sleek Barbel (x1)

Nidrs Spritnites

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Aerial Strike Add Physical Damage (All) Sharp Talon (x1), Sturdy Sheet Metal (x1)
Blunt Blow HP Recovery Pale Pink Gem (x1)
Condense ATB Boost Faintly Glowing Gem (x1), Perpetual Frost Lump (x1)
Counter Status Infliction Rate Up Thawdrop (x1), Warm Ear Fur (x1)
Demonic Strike All Resistances Up Unknown Fur (x2), Thick Ivy (x2), Sharp Talon (x1)
Diffuse ATB Boost Bitter Berry (x1), Rusty Coin (x1), Yellow Pine Branch (x1)
Double Back Status Infliction Rate Up Eternity Crystal (x1), Millennial Meltwater (x1)
Emission Add Physical Damage Cracked Black Gem (x2), Sinister Urn (x2)
Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Impenetrable Defense Add Guaranteed Evasion Tainted Holy Sword (x1), Fan-Maple Branch (x1), Warped Claw (x1), Sharp Fang (x1)
Pinpoint Add Physical Damage Aphyllous Fir Branch (x1), Golden Gem (x1), Stinging Seaweed (x1)
Provoke Add Defense Perpetual Frost Lump (x1)
Rebellion ATB Boost Nidr’s Sidequest
Stone Slash HP Recovery Snow Cherry Branch (x2), Snow Powder (x2)
Tenacity ATB Boost Bright Green Gem (x2), Old Crested Shield (x2), Punctured Sheet Metal (x1)
Whirlwind Blade Add Magical Damage Golden Gem (x1), White Bay Laurel Wreath (x1), Blazing Rock (x1)
Wind Slash Add Magical Damage Hexagonal Pendant (x1), Sharp Talon (x1), Unknown Shell (x1)

Momentum helps out Nidr a lot, such as adding defense with Provoke (left) and healing party members with Blunt Blow (right).

Kirs Spritnites

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Barrier Duration Boost White Bay Laurel Wreath (x1), Old Crested Shield (x1)
Bio Status Infliction Rate Up Moss-Oak Branch (x1), Moss-Oak Root (x1)
Booster MP Recovery Blade Shard (x2), Moss-Oak Branch (x1)
Dispel Nullify Status Boosts Hexagonal Pendant (x2)
Doom HP/KO Recovery Kir’s Sidequest
Drain HP Recovery Crimson Gem (x1), Mountain Lily Flower (x1)
Enflame Affect All Crimson Gem (x2), Imp Walnut Branch (x1)
Fire Add Magical Damage; Fire Resist Down Twin Ginkgo Branch (x1)
Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Fire II Add Magical Damage Bitter Berry (x1), Rusty Coin (x1)
Flare Add Magical Damage Kindlegrass (x1), Snow Cherry Branch (x1), Holy Paulownia Branch (x1)
Magma Add Magical Damage Hexagonal Pendant (x1), Twin Ginkgo Branch (x1)
Meltdown Critical Hit Rate Up Fan-Maple Branch (x2), Moss-Oak Branch (x1)
Osmose MP Recovery Pale Red Gem (x1), Patterned Stone (x1)
Regen Duration Boost Miniature Cherry Branch (x2), Snow Cherry Branch (x1), Warm Ear Fur (x1)
Weaken Duration Boost Tainted Holy Shell (x1), Old Silver Chain (x1), Deep Blue Gem (x1)
Vanish Duration Boost Aphyllous Fir Branch (x1), Imp Walnut Branch (x2), White Cedar Branch (x1)

Juliennes Spritnites

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Apex Thrust Guaranteed Critical White Snow Lily Flower (x1), Snow Cherry Nectar (x1), Eternity Crystal (x1)
Berserk ATB Boost Fan-Maple Samara (x1), Rainbow Gem (x1), Shiny Fur (x1)
Chakra Heal Status Ailments Unknown Bone (x1), Snow Cherry Root (x1)
Chase Attack Up Soft Stone (x2), White Snow Lily Flower (x1)
Echo Attack Up Miniature Cherry Blossom (x2), Twin Ginkgo Flower (x2), Holy Paulownia Flower (x1)
Eclipse ATB Boost Julienne’s Sidequest
Enfrost Affect All Large Pincer (x1), Sharp Talon (x1)
Ice Add Magical Damage; Water Resist Down Pale Blue Gem (x2), Soft Stone (x2)

Chakra is great since it heals both HP and MP (left). Jump makes it so Julienne is off the battlefield until she lands (right).

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Ice II Add Magical Damage Bright Green Gem (x2), Moss-Oak Moss (x1), Yellow Pine Root (x1), Yellow Pine Flower (x1)
Icicle Lance Add Speed Down Perpetual Frost Lump (x1), Aphyllous Fir Blossom (x1)
Jump Add Physical Damage Dodgeflower (x2)
Meteor Thrust Add Physical Damage Frosty Horn (x1), Dancing Feather (x2), Antler (x1), Red Conker Tree Flower (x1)
Precious Thrust HP Recovery Rusty Coin (x2)
Royal Lance Add Physical Damage Slimmering Snow (x2), Giant Claw (x1), Bright Blue Gem (x1)
Serenity Duration Boost Transparent Drop (x1), Kindlegrass (x2), Burning Blood (x1)
Transcendance HP Recovery Holy Paulownia Flower (x1), Miniature Cherry Blossom (x1), Snow Powder (x1)

Fides Spritnites

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Absorb Duration Boost Reflective Feather (x1), Holy Man’s Bone (x1)
Black Hole Add Magical Damage Giant Spear-Horn (x1), Blood Crystal (x1), Goldne Claw (x1)
Cursed Slash Status Infliction Rate Up Patterned Rock (x1), Antler (x1)
Dark Matter Guaranteed Critical Time Staff True (x1), Black Dream (x1), Beehive Claw (x1)
Dark Mist Add Magical Damage: Shadow Resistance Down Cracked Black Gem (x1)
Dark Pact Add Physical Damage Magical Energy Battery (x1), Black Mist (x1), Cracked Mask (x1)
Dragnarok Fides’ Sidequest
Dragonic Soul Heal Status Ailments Brave Soul (x1), Daemonic Thunder (x1), Giant Curled Horn (x1), Antique Comb (x1)

Phantom is great for debuff kills (left). Most of Fides' skills are shadow elemental (right).

Spritnite Momentum Mode Materials
Earthsplitter Add Magical Damage Giant Rear Horn (x1), Black Mist (x1)
Endark Affect All Daemonic Thunder (x1)
Helix Slash Add Physical Damage Bent Screw (x1)
Hellfire Add Physical Damage Cracked Hoof (x1)
Pandemic Add Physical Damage Black Mist (x1), Growing Feather (x1)
Phantom Add Physical Damage Darkness Stone (x1), Holy Man’s Bone (x1), Royal Crown (x1)
Snatch Duration Boost Cracked Magic Horn (x1), Giant Tail (x1), Holy Man’s Bone (x1)
Stalker Affect All Black Eyeball (x1), Darkness Stone (x1), Blood Crystal (x1)
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Once a decade, to maintain peace, a sacrifice was made to a fiend on the island. This custom had been effective until recently when the fiend grew violent before the next sacrifice was due. To calm the fiend down, a new sacrifice was offered; Setsuna - chosen because of her powers of enchantment. She must leave with her safeguards to the farthest lands where the sacrifice will be made.

With a battle system based off the legendary JRPG Chrono Trigger, I Am Setsuna is undoubtedly a masterpiece of story-telling and nostalgia. Our guide will cover the following:

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