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Jarrod Garripoli

In I Am Setsuna, there are food items that you can acquire that will give you temporary buffs that only last for a single battle, making them great for boss fights. In order to get these, though, you will need to find ingredients scattered around the game’s world (see Shiny Spots section). Once you have gather the necessary ingredients, you need to find a specific NPC that will offer to make you that food item. The NPC will give you a free sample, as well as a recipe for that food item.

You receive recipes from NPCs upon giving them ingredients (left), allowing you to buy that particular food from the Chef (right).

With the recipe in hand, you can talk to any of the Chef NPCs in the various towns to hand it over. Doing such a thing will allow you to purchase that particular food from the Chef whenever you want. Every single food item in the game, when eaten, will increase the EXP you receive, as well as netting you more drops from enemies. However, there is a third benefit to each food item, which is unique to that particular one, such as increased physical attack or evasion rate.

Food Ingredients Location Effect
Deep-Friend Crystal Lettuce Crystal Lettuce, Philosopher’s Garlic, White Sunflower Seed, Thunder Rock Salt Hiddbury Evasion Rate
Floneian Vegetable Stew Icicle Cucumber, Black Sweet Potato, Stove Asparagus, Water Broccoli Floneia Citadel Critical Hit Rate
Fluffshroom Stir-Fry Fluffshroom, Black Soybean, Blue Rock Salt, Speckled Sesame Pod Floneia Citadel Physical Defense
Fried Dumpling Eggplant Dumpling Eggplant, Golden Pepper, Rainbow Nut, Sunny Bell Pepper Nameless Village Fluxation Rate
Gaia’s Blessing Stew Euphoria Pumpkin, Queen Cabbage, Redtop Radish, Springy Broad Bean Gatherington Status Infliction Rate
Food Ingredients Location Effect
Gatherington Fries Maple Potato, Coiled Parsley, Red Olive, Red Rock Salt Gatherington Maximum MP
Hailbean Stew Hailbean, January Cabbage, Snow Crown Turnip, Avalanche Kelp Purikka Physical Attack
Horse Oak Casserole Horse Oak Mushroom, Black Courgette, Blizzard Bean, Eternity Laver Royburg Magical Defense
Lonely Mushroom Soup Lonely Mushroom, Frost Rock Salt, Polestar Onion, Snowflake Peppercorn Tenderville Fire-elemental Resistant
Nive Vegetable Stew Luminous Potato, Arctic Cauliflower, Wheel Mushroom, Frosted Salt Nive Harbor Rare Drop Rate
Food Ingredients Location Effect
Ocean’s Blessings Soup Avalanche Kelp, Eternity Laver, Crystal Lettuce, Sunset Citron Secret dev village (Morthshaw Woods) Greatly increases EXP
Purikka Cobbler Salad Purikka Cobbler, Golden Peppercorn, Amber Rock Salt, Square Onion Purikka Maximum HP
Royburg Tomato Juice Fog Tomato, Hermit’s Ginger, Cloud Rock Salt, Cup Perilla Royburg Time-elemental Resistance
Sky Apple Pie Sky Apple, Crowned Peach, Blue Sugarcane, Blue Peppermint Gatherington Guaranteed Evasion (One turn only)
Snow Grape Jelly Snow Grape, Red Sugarcane, Eskimo Bean, Heavenly Pear Nameless Village (Isle of Misfits) Starting level SP Gauge
Food Ingredients Location Effect
Snowbell Mushroom Stew Snowbell Mushroom, Icicle Kelp, Sunset Citron, Lampwort Royburg Magical Attack
Starberry Cake Nive Strawberry, Mighty Melon, Starberry, Blue Sweet Sorghum Nive Village Starting ATB Gauge
Twisted Potato Soup Twisted Potato, Cloud Pea, Thunder Rock Salt, Red Basil Hiddbury Light-elemental Resistance
Winterwhistle Soup Winterwhistle Mushroom, Prickly Snowberry, King Onion, Blue Rock Salt Floneia Citadel Shadow-elemental Resistance
Yellowtop Carrot Soup Yellowtop Carrot, Nomad’s Ear Mushroom, Snowflake Peppercorn, Crunchy Coriander Tenderville Water-elemental Resistance
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    30 August 2016
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Once a decade, to maintain peace, a sacrifice was made to a fiend on the island. This custom had been effective until recently when the fiend grew violent before the next sacrifice was due. To calm the fiend down, a new sacrifice was offered; Setsuna - chosen because of her powers of enchantment. She must leave with her safeguards to the farthest lands where the sacrifice will be made.

With a battle system based off the legendary JRPG Chrono Trigger, I Am Setsuna is undoubtedly a masterpiece of story-telling and nostalgia. Our guide will cover the following:

Version 1.1:

  • Full walkthrough of the main storyline.

  • Some coverage of side quests and other optional objectives.

  • Partial Trophy/achievement roadmap and guide.

  • All side quests and optional objectives complete.

  • A full trophy/achievement road map showing you the best order to complete each achievement.

  • Finished lists and explanations of all spritnites, recipes and other items.

  • Full gameplay explanations and tips to get the most out of your journey.

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