Current Mission - Solve the Mystery of the Magical Lens

This level is split in to numerous rooms and events that are triggered by using the coloured lenses you have and will find and tinkering with the large device in the center of the main room. As such this stage guide will separate itself into explaining each room in turn. Head forward and use the device, slide the red lens into the light…

Red Room

The corpse in the middle of this room contains the hint scroll but for now contend with the vampire warriors that spawn. Once they’re done for…

Puzzle - Dashing Secrets

The floor tiles are the puzzle here, you need to light up the corners but they go out if you take too long. Ergo stand on one corner and activate shadow magic, now use a dash to move to the next corner, then dash to the next, and dash to the final corner. Puzzle Solved.

Return to the room’s entrance and run up either the right or left staircase and follow this round to the room the puzzle opened. Head in, grab the green lens, and fight off the solitary Sword Master. Head back to the main room.

Yellow Room

Insert the Green lens and place both the red and Green lenses into the light to enter the yellow room. You’ll find more vampires and a diamond version of the puzzle from the red room.

Kill them, solve puzzle, and enter the room to grab the blue lens. You’ll need to fend off the Sword Masters that spawn, but this is easily done using fairies to distract them. Return to the main room.

Green Room

Remove the red lens from the light so that only the green lens is in the light. You’ll find three Sword Master’s here so either use fairy distractions, a crystal instant kill, or good luck if you choose to tackle them in genuine combat. Once they fall use a Dash Jump to Hook to pull Gabriel over.

$$$item 3560

The Dash puzzle here is a few diagonal dashes away from the screen, you’ll need to start from the tile furthest south. In a pleasant twist, you can grab the white key here without having to prove your worth.

  • Blue Beam: Just using the blue lens starts an un-required armor fight. For masochists only.
  • Turquoise Beam: By placing Blue and Green into the light you will activate the Turquoise beam…

$$$item 3587

White Door

Inserting all three lenses, green, blue, and red, will open the white door. This is a linear path, found by heading left and hooking up then following balance beams over the room. By following the path all the way to the other side, and using the white key to unlock the door, you will grab…

$$$item 3619

Purple Door

Heading through the purple door will take you to the final event of the level…

Boss - Deadly Toys

This is a tough fight if you don’t keep moving, as the deadly toys have a number of lighting fast attacks that can genuinely catch you off guard.

First thing’s first, you cannot win this fight with a crystal. It unfortunately kills the doll outright and the only way to ‘kill’ the toy is to damage it enough for a grab finish, in which Gabriel will destroy the doll’s heart.

The key attacks you’ll see from the dolls are a lumbering punch, a quick needle jab, and a leap with added shockwave that must be jumped or avoided.

The best way to fight the dolls is to keep moving around the room, going in for a short flurry of attacks before moving again. The less time you stand in front of them the less time you risk being struck by needles.

Damage the dolls until they flash then use the grab trigger to initiate the QTE sequence to finish them off. When there is only one doll left they will start spawning the same Black Goo as the Black Knight fight. It is dealt with in the same way as before, use an attack that strikes the ground. Polish off the last doll and you’re done.


Objective: Finish the level, destroying 10 Deadly Toys using normal hits before completely killing any of them with a grip

Lower the difficulty for an easier time here, as you’ll be fighting more than three times the number of toys you normally would. If you use a crystal, then you’ll be three marks up by hardly doing anything, now simply follow the tips outlined above but when the things flash for a grab, ignore it and wail away on them as normal.

It’s a good idea to come back to this when upgraded, especially with the ultimate light attack, as any advantage you can get is a serious help in this mighty challenging encounter.


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