Current Mission - Navigate the Hedge Maze

Being a maze there are naturally gems and what not hidden a good distance from the actual route (which is incredibly simple once you know it). For now run forward and you’ll be introduced to…

New Enemy - Mandrogora

Remember those screaming plants in Harry Potter? Yeah, those things. They are incredibly weak, that’s the plus side, but they have a tendency to leech life from Gabriel as you saunter past, that’s the bad thing.

Use direct attacks from a range or simply leg it past them, it seems that once a large number sprout then they will stop sprouting for a while, whereas if you fight them they seem to appear indefinitely.

Where we are now, this is the ‘entrance’.

$$$item 3556

$$$item 3583

Take the first path on Gabriel’s right; head down into the screen, right again and then stop once you see a statue forward from Gabriel. Punch the statue as hard as Gabriel can into the hedge in front of it, climb up, shimmy round, and drop off into the next area of the maze.

Head into the screen, run right and hug the maze until you meet a spider, tame it. Run the spider to the left, to the area you entered after hopping the hedge, and use it to place a web bridge over the gap here. Head over.

Puzzle - Statue Riddle

You simply need to make all three statues face into the center to solve this puzzle, an easy one (hit RT/R2 on the middle statue twice). Head back out of the area and tame another spider, ride it to the right of the bridge you already placed and north, take the first right and rip a hole in the door here.

$$$item 3614

Jump off the spider and mind your head as you pass the gates. Use the Vampire Key on the door here and you’ll find yourself at the Holy Magic refill from the start of the previous stage. Move left and then forward, using the left ledges to get over the fence in the same way as before.

Once in the courtyard where you previously fell down, run forward to the Castle’s entrance and whack the key into the lock on the right of the door and head in…


Objective: Finish the level after defeating 15 Mandragoras in less than 15 seconds

A lot of Mandragora’s seem to spawn in the right and left most areas, try and get a big group to sprout and then circle them in an attempt to chorale the into one area. Now use direct heavy attacks or a barrage of Holy Water to dispatch them in quick succession.


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