Current Mission - Gain Entry to Pan’s Temple.

A magical door that requires five magical runes to open guards Pan’s temple. These runes are found in the level ahead and don’t worry, even though it looks daunting this is an easy level to navigate.

  • Rune 1: Run straight forward and you’ll see a circle glowing on the wall, hit the trigger to absorb the rune.
  • Rune 2: Follow the path around the corner, the camera will change so you’re running into it, keep an eye for the rune to the right of the screen. It’s a stone circle as before.
  • Rune 3: Keep following the road, down here on the right is a brotherhood corpse with a scroll. Ignore the route forward and keep going right, jump up at the end. The camera will change and the run will be here to the right.

$$$item 3544

  • Rune 4: Head back the way you came slightly, and run forward toward the lake area. The rune is on the wall to the right before you enter the area in earnest.
  • Rune 5: Run forward and splash your way over, a Brotherhood corpse with a scroll is here just before you enter the temple area. Run in.

$$$item 3630

Run over to the right and you’ll find the rune on the wall in this little side area. With all five Runes in your possession, head toward the glowing green door ahead and use the stone circle to the left.

Puzzle - Rune Key

The idea here is that you want the runes to read left to right as yours do top to bottom. Simply point at the runes each in turn and change them until they match, the puzzle will solve the moment they read correctly. Puzzle solved!

Now run forward through the door and up the spiral staircase (wood case?) until you trigger the cut-scene. Meet Pan and prepare to do another puzzle!

Puzzle - Prove Your Worth

Gabriel must prove his love for Marie by aligning the bridge before the guillotine lowers too far and slices her in two. Moving a ring will also move its adjacent ring or rings in the opposite direction, so moving the outer clockwise moves the middle anticlockwise, moving the inner one way moves the middle the other, and moving the middle one way sends both the inner and outer the opposite direction.

The solution is as follows:

  • Move the Outer Ring Clockwise twice.
  • Move the Inner Ring Clockwise twice.
  • Move the Middle Ring Clockwise once.
    Puzzle solved! Enjoy the confusing cutscene, shake Pan’s hoof, and head on to the concluding level of Chapter 1!


Finish the level after beating Pan’s trial in 5 movements.

See the puzzle walkthrough in the level description above. For the lazy the solution to the puzzle is as follows:

  • Move the Outer Ring Clockwise twice.
  • Move the Inner Ring Clockwise twice.
  • Move the Middle Ring Clockwise once.


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