Current Mission - Navigate the Underground Caves

Go straightforward into the cave, follow it round and drop to the ledge, then shimmy to the left and make your way to the area to your left and jump down.

New Enemy - Giant Spider

You’ll start in a scrap with some lycanthropes, however a spider will quickly get involved in the melee. As you may have noticed from previous fights, large enemies can cause collateral damage to smaller foes so when the spider arrives it’s best to focus on that while avoiding any remaining lycanthropes. The last thing you need is to be poisoned or webbed from behind.

Once these enemies are dispatched, head to the right of the room and follow this route. There is a scroll on the brotherhood corpse here, but continue over the web bridges, use RT/R2 to balance if you start slipping, and head straight.

You’ll encounter another spider before too long, either deal with him or carry on left, taking the furthest web bridge when you see two. Jump up, use your hook, and grab key 1 of 2. Head back the way you came, and where you fought/avoided the spider, corner sharply from the web bridge and take the bridge pointing to the bottom left of the screen.

Follow this route forward, ignore the glowing ‘totem’ and carry on forward until you see a glowing door, inspect it with your use button and Goblins will appear. Grab/avoid the bombs and use them to break the door, head through and grab key 2 of 2.

Exit this room and head to the left, following the path and eventual rope bridges that lead this way. Heading this way you’ll eventually find a building with two circles either side of its door, insert your keys here and step in to find another Combat Cross upgrade.

New Item - Spiked Chain

$$$item 3570

Hop past the crucifix and run up the path, a totem awaits you so saw it down by pressing use and moving the left stick as the prompts dictate. Run past and hook up.


Objective: Finish the level after killing at least 10 enemies while poisoned by Spider venom.

Enter the level and get to the first spider fight. Stand in front of it, blocking, until it hits you with its unblockable attack. This should poison you, so kill the spider while under its effects.

Quickly continue into the level, dropping into the next fight with some lycanthropes and a spider, let the spider here poison you as you did before and once it has, dish out silver dagger justice to the werewolves before turning on the spider and killing it whilst still poisoned.

If you still need one more kill there is another spider if you follow the right path (and remember to play on easy so the Spiders attacks are less damaging).


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