Current Mission - Navigate Dr. Frankenstein’s Fiendish Puzzles

First thing first, there is a scroll to your right which is also the solution to the majority of this level because, shock (snigger) horror, it’s one great big puzzle.

Puzzle - Switches and Conductors

This puzzle asks you to activate floor buttons; lots of floor buttons, and to do this you need to use Gabriel’s ground punch that is found by holding block and pressing the wide attack button. Got that? Good.

Room 1

  • This room is simple, head to the left and you’ll find the first button, punch this.
  • Move into the room and to the right and punch the button here.
  • Now go forward and left, punch the third button and head on through to…

Room 2

Slightly more complicated is room 2, first thing is to punch the initial button you see.

$$$item 3586

From the button head left and into the room, you’ll find a battery; it was highlighted in the camera pan of this room. Punch the battery back towards the room entrance and follow it. Hit the first button again and then keep punching the battery this way until it clicks into place.

From here head forward and to the right, use a straight punch to activate the button on the wall. Head back to the room entrance and punch the first button again, run left and into the room past where you found the battery.

Now grab some daggers and magic if necessary, then throw an explosive dagger (shadow mode + dagger) at the button you straight punched not two minutes before. Move into the space in front of the exit and throw another explosive dagger at the button, you can now head through to…

Room 3

Head in to the room and ignore the central Mechanism for now. Run up to it and then hang a left all the way toward the wall. This is a weak wall so Shadow Dash through it and you’ll find a button on the floor inside, punch it! Leave this area and head north of the central walkway and grab the red lens…

Boss - Mechanical Monstrosity

That is genuinely the name of this rather straightforward boss encounter. This boss doesn’t have too many tricks, although that’s not to say he doesn’t have a few surprises…

Its main attack is a pincer slash, which is blockable. Its second attack is a dual pincer attack, which is charged up with an obvious white glow so roll to the side to avoid it. The boss also has an electrical attack that has an obvious telltale electrical charge; it shoots it out in a straight cone from its pincers so dodge to the side as soon as you catch a hint of it starting up.

After a bit of damage the boss will scuttle and recharge its batteries, you’ll also be prompted to a button on the floor. From here on in the fight you’ll need to focus on giving the scorpion thing a nasty surprise if it ever tries to get some juice.

You can try for a lucky shock as its scuttling around or otherwise just damage it enough to make it require a boost and then shock it. Keep this up and it will be deceased in no time.

Back to the puzzle… Head to the center mechanism and rotate it a full 180 degrees around. Now run upward, and wait. There is a moving platforming going in an L motion around the top right of the room, wait for it and hop on when it arrives.

$$$item 3559

Ride the platform for its full L motion and hop off on the right side of the room. Hit the switch in the bottom right of the room and you’ll open the exit. Head through and…


Objective: Finish the level and deactivate the Mechanical Monstrosity using only the tesla coil in the lab after it is activated

Reach the boss, and damage him until the coil activates. From here on you can’t use normal attacks on the creature, only lucky shocks. A good tactic is to lure the fight over to the coil and wait for the monster to start charging an electricity attack, this is your queue to summersault over (press jump whilst blocking), run, and hit the button. A little luck and some patience and you’ll get there in no time.


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