Current Mission - Take the Secret Passageway Into the Castle Courtyard

Head forward and into the Sewers. There is a corpse with a scroll on it in the gunk, but we don’t really want to go down there.

$$$item 3613

Instead, head up the stairs onto a walkway around the pit and you’ll find a lever. This temporarily stops the flow from the pipe in front of it, and the one around the corner. You need to dash past both in this short space of time, so get to it.

Remember to double tap the control stick to dash! Once through head forward into the open area and you’ll note a steak device, start using it and enjoy the amusing cut-scene that ensues involving a…

New Skeleton - Skeleton Warrior

You’ll need to fight three warriors, which is a tall order considering this is your first encounter. Fight like a man (keep moving, that’s the main tip) or be a girl and use a crystal, seriously, no one will know, just get rid of their bony features.

Once the undead are re-dead get back to using the Steak Device. Once done head back round to the sewage pipes. You’ll get shot off so head left, climb up, and use the lever to pass the first pipe, but this time use the lever in between the pipes to open the door beneath you.

Drop down and head through, then use a dash jump to reach the safety of the next platform and head into the next room.

Puzzle - Deception Spikes

Button on the wall causes spikes to run and gate to open, but no matter how fast you run you just can’t get through the door. Solution? Don’t touch the button and run over the grate to the door. Spin around, activate Shadow Magic, and throw an Explosive Dagger at the button from here. It’ll activate, and you can pass through no trouble.Ta da! Now waltz through the doorway, grapple up, and you’re done.


Objective: Finish the level after killing 3 Skeleton Warriors without destroying their shields

This Trial isn’t too hard, as you’ll clearly see when a Skeleton Warrior is on the defense, and as such when you shouldn’t attack. Use Fairy distractions to make this challenge easier, and a lower difficulty. And don’t forget to scatter their bones to avoid a resurrection spoiling your day.


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