Current Mission - Defeat the Lake Guardian

Nothing much here, simply run forward and follow the path until you see the vast lake before you.

$$$item 3545

Head out on to the lake and keep running until the cutscene kicks in.

TITAN - Ice Titan

Welcome to your first Titan fight. These encounters are large platforming challenges on gigantic beasts, you’ll be looking to climb onto it and smash the relics that are powering this walking behemoth.

Run towards the titan, he will open the fight with a chop that sends a wave of ice hurtling towards you, dodge this at the last second and keep running forward. If the titan starts to create a circle under you, simply keep moving and rolling out of it.

Get close enough and the Titan will try to punch you. Avoid the punch by running to the side, and jump when it lands to avoid the shockwave damage. On the second punch the titan’s hand will become stuck, run towards it and use the hook when close enough to grapple onto the titan’s hand.

Important note, whenever the Titan starts to shake, or you see the ‘Hold RT/R2 to grip’ prompt, do it, else you’ll be flung clear and have to get on the titan again. Shimmy right, climb up, shimmy left, climb up again, and then shimmy all the way round till you find the glowing run on the titan’s wrist. Use the attack button to slam your cross into the rune, remembering to grip when necessary.

After about ten seconds of hitting the Titan will raise its arm, wait a second then use the left stick and jump to dodge to the left as he brings his right arm down to hit you. Immediately face the hand and hook onto it. As he brings you in front of him, hook to his chest and then shimmy left, not forgetting to hold on.

Start slamming the rune here; gripping when the titan shakes. If the camera pulls out and points right it means the titan’s hand is coming in to brush you off, push the left stick right and hit jump to quickly shimmy away, then get back to the smashing.

Once the rune is gone use the hook immediately to swing round to the Titan’s back, shimmy down and to the right and begin smashing this rune. After a shake the titan will try and brush you off again, push the left stick left and press A to avoid this and get back to smashing ASAP.

Once this rune shatters start climbing up and around the left. Once you can see the glowing spot on the back of the titan’s head, use the hook to grab on. Shimmy right, down, and then right again to find a rune where you’d expect the titan’s ear to be.

Once more, grip when he shakes; jump shimmy left when he raises his hand. Deal enough damage and a cut-scene will start, introducing you to the intriguing Zobek and letting Gabriel have a chinwag with his deceased wife.

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Objective: Finish the level and defeat the Ice Titan in less than 1:30 minutes.

(You will need a full crystal to make this trial possible). Run toward the Titan and use your crystal, this will weaken all the bosses rune’s to take only one hit. From here on simply scale the titan, use sideways jumps to get around the ledges faster, and you should just be able to squeeze it into the available time.


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