Current Mission - Find the Crow Witch

$$$item 3579

Run up the left staircase. About half way up the window doesn’t exist, so run through here to the outside.

$$$item 3609

Head to the right and you’ll be able to use ledges and hook points to haul Gabriel up the tower. Eventually you’ll get to a window, so smash through into the room beyond.

New Enemy - Sword Master

Deal with the Sword Master and two more will appear, use fairies to ease the pressure and end their cheap existence. Move to where you smashed in and climb the staircase to the right, at the top of the case use your hook to access the next area.

Here you’ll have to fight three Sword Masters. Again, fairies will reduce the pressure on you. In this encounter the enemies can use the water as a conductor for their electric attack, so deal with the quickly or try and stick to the dry rock.

$$$item 3637

Move to the left of the room to find a hook point, use it and haul Gabriel up to the top of the room. Run around to the right and you’ll be able to get out into the fresh air once more.

$$$item 3549

To the left you’ll be able to climb up to the top of the tower ( note: there’s a Scroll on a body you can collect - and easily miss - at the far-end of the arena during the boss battle).

Boss - Crow Witch Malphas

After the Ogre, Malphas is comparably easy. The fight will start with Malphas launching her young at you, waste no time and the moment an egg comes close use your hook and spin the left stick counter clockwise to return the favour.

You’ll have to fight off two of Malphas’ sons, but they don’t pose too much of a threat. After dispatching them keep your distance from Malphas, she may launch crows at you but these are easily avoided. Once the next eggs start coming, start throwing them back. You should be able to get two back at Malphas if you’re quite a distance away and this will stun the witch for a grapple.

Run forward and hook on to the big bird, now just wait for the button QTE and once she is out for the count, run in and dispense some whip justice. Repeat this over again, she should only take one egg to the face next time, and after laying in to her Malphas will flash for the final grapple and button QTE.

That mysterious steed will save you once more as the tower crumbles behind you. Gabriel isn’t terribly subtle really…


Objective: Finish the level and defeat the Malphas without killing more than 2 of her children

Get to the boss fight, and run to the very edge of the area, the extreme opposite to Malphas. When the egg is coming be sure to throw it back, you’ll need to grab the third egg in this first volley as well. Even if the camera zooms, be sure to hit grab and spin that stick!

Now avoid the child that is currently pestering you and wait for another volley, return the first egg from fairly close and then hop on. Play out the rest of the fight as normal and you should net the trial.


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