Current Mission - Defeat the Silver Warrior to Prove Your Power

Boss - The Silver Warrior

The Silver Warrior is an absolute irritation in boss form. As with all action games this is the mirror fight, a battle with an opponent using similar or the same powers as you.

Phase 1

In the first phase of this fight you get no magic of any kind, so get in the Warrior’s face and deal the damage. He has numerous attacks but the, vast majority, are blockable (and easily parried). So deal damage and then get defensive before retaliating in the Warrior’s moments of being stunned.

He has one un-blockable uppercut that is foreshadowed by a generous white pulse and whoosh sound; this is your cue to dodge to the side. Soon enough you’ll be able to grab the boss and move onto…

Phase 2

You’re given your light magic back in this phase but don’t go using it randomly. The Silver Warrior will also turn on some light magic, if you use your own powers whilst the Warrior is glowing blue you will do next to no damage so switch on and off as required.

As for attacks it’s the same as before. Get into the warriors face but watch out for the uppercut. After dealing quite a chunk of damage you’ll be able to QTE him to…

Phase 3

You’ll regain your shadow magic for this phase however your opponent will turn on light or shadow magic now so try and attack him with the opposite active for maximum damage (light against shadow and shadow against light).

The warrior will also use some new attacks, both of which are linear projectiles and are foreshadowed by a camera swoop. Simply roll and dodge to the side to avoid them. Once you get his health down far enough a cut-scene will trigger, hit the QTE to throw his projectile back and the Silver Warrior is defeated…


Objective: Finish the level without allowing Pan to recover any health during the fight

Pan can only regain health in the second and third phase of the fight whilst you use an opposing magical element. As such the easiest way to clear the challenge is to knock the difficulty down and just fight without activating magic. Simple.


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