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New World

What are Factions

Matt Chard

Factions are a major part of New World. This page will help you understand them better.

(1 of 2) There is a Faction agent in every settlement

There is a Faction agent in every settlement (left), speak to them to open up the Faction UI, here youll find three PvE missions on top, and three PvP missions at the bottom. You can also access the Faction Shop here. (right)


When you get to level 9, you’ll have to choose your faction. If your original Faction isn’t to your liking, you can change to another faction every 120 days, but you won’t be able to join the dominating faction if there is one. Although factions lean more towards PvP, and controlling territories, they do play a part in PvE too. When you talk to your Faction NPC, you can take up to three PvE, and three PvP mission at a time. The PvE missions will send you to specific areas, and get you to kill the lost, wildlife, or to open chests. Whilst the PvP missions will send you to control an area for 30 seconds, kill wolves in that area or, gather intel. Both the PvE and PvP mission will reward you with EXP, Gold, and Faction Tokens, and are always worth taking.

What is the 3000 Faction Reputation Cap?

You’ll only be able to raise your Reputation to a certain cap at each rank, with the first being a cap of 3000. You’ll quickly find yourself hitting this cap early on and you’ll have to complete and unlock Quest before you can reach the next rank. This doesn’t stop you from taking and completing these Quests for the Faction Tokens and Influence they still reward, on top of the Exp.

Syndicate Rep

Rank Reputation Needed Quest Unlock
Scrivener 3000 24
Chronicler 11000 40
Cabalist 26000 50
Alchemist 49000 60

Marauder Rep

Rank Reputation Needed Quest Unlock
Gladiator 3000 24
Ravager 11000 40
Destroyer 26000 50
Commander 49000 60

Covenant Rep

Rank Reputation Needed Quest Unlock
Templar 3000 24
Excubitor 11000 40
Lumen 26000 50
Alchemist 49000 60


With PvP missions specifically, you’ll want to go to an opposing faction’s settlement, and accept them there. This’ll allow you to gather influence, when this gets to 85%, your faction will be able to declare War on them. You can see how much influence you’ve got by going to the world map, zooming out, and you’ll notice a box with two lines. Your faction will be the top line, and it’ll slowly go up, the more you do PvP missions in that area. Word of warning, this is best done as a group, as the opposing factions will be guarding these areas most, if not all, the time.

You can find your factions Influence in a territory by opening up the World Map and zooming out.


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