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New World

Weakness of the Ego

Ben Chard

In New World, there are many Quests that are part of the main storyline, and they are a source of lots of XP and will unlock features for the game. This page focuses on the Main Quest Weakness of the Ego in Everfall.

Weakness of the Ego is a Main Quest in New World.

XP Gold Azoth Items
2,690 72 20 Weapon Case (Level: 18)

How to begin Weakness of the Ego

You’ll begin Weakness of the Ego as part of the Main Story at Level 18 in Everfall. You’ll find Adiana Theron, Mistress of the Wild, in a small camp close to the Shadowmine in the northwest of Everfall. Her final task requires you to brave the Corruption in the world and to aid you in this task, she urges you to go and gather the resources to create three Corruption Tinctures. To do this, you’ll need to source three drops of Water, Petalcaps and Rivercress Stems.

Where to find Water

The first task is to track down the Water, this shouldn’t pose too many issues as Water is one of the easier materials to gather in the game. Not only can you gather them from any water source such as the one to the southeast of Adiana at Dust Meadow. Alternatively, every settlement will have two wells that you can draw the water from, and you’ll only need one gather attempt to obtain more than the three required for the Tinctures.

Where to find Petalcaps

Fronded Petalcaps can be found all around the plains of Windsward and thankfully, you’ll need no Skill in Gathering to harvest the item. There is no specific location in Windsward that has a larger concentration of these but consider searching around the settlement itself to both the northeast and southwest.

(1 of 3) Water can be gathered from all water sources including wells

Where to find Rivercress Stem

Perhaps the toughest material to gather for the Tincture and it may take some time to gather it. Rivercress Stem is found around sources of water, as you may expect given the name however you’ll need to ensure your Harvesting Skill is Level 30 before you’ll be able to obtain it. Despite this knowledge, there are certain areas where it’s more common to find Rivercress Stem such as following the river you reach by heading west from Windsward and following it along as it heads north and along the border of Everfall and Monarch’s Bluff. Failing this, if your Harvesting Skill isn’t high enough or you’re in a rush to complete this Quest, you can consider checking the Trading Posts for some that you can buy outright, Everfall is a good location to check.

Where to Craft Corruption Tinctures

Once you have the necessary ingredients, you’ll need to make your way to an Arcane Repository found at any Settlement (although Everfall is the nearest to Adiana) and craft three Corruption Tinctures. Once you have them in hand, return to Adiana near Shadowmine and speak to her to complete the Quest.


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