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New World

Best Fire Staff DPS Build

Matt Chard

In New World there are many weapons to choose from, the Fire Staff is one of them. This page will help you choose the best Spells, Perks, Equipment, as well as a detailed guide on how to play them effectively.

Fire Staff PvE Build.

This build is made specifically for PvE, especially Expeditions. Although it will work in PvP, and deal great damage. You might find yourself getting taken out easily due to the complete lack of survivability.


Fire Staff Attributes.

Take 150 points into Intelligence because this will increase your damage significantly. At every 50 points, you’ll unlock a perk.

Points Perk
50 +10% to light and heavy damage attacks. +10% harvesting speed.
100 +10% critical hit damage. +5% chance to gain 1 Azoth when harvesting.
150 +15% to elemental damage. -10% decrease in weight of harvested items.
200 +10 mana after a dodge. +10% harvest speed.
250 +30% duration to damage of time spells. +10% yield increase when harvesting.
300 +30% damage on first hit on full health target. -10% reduction in Azoth travel cost.

You’ll want to aim for 300 Intelligence by level 60, so the other 150 points will have to be obtained from equipment. As this is a pure glass cannon build, you won’t need to invest any more points into another attribute other than the 50 points into Focus for the +10% mana regeneration rate. If you don’t need or don’t want the 10% mana regeneration, you could invest those 50 points into Constitution for a bit more survivability, but because you should be playing on the back lines, you shouldn’t need it.


Icon Name Description
FireStaffPillarOfFireSpellsNewWorld.png Pillar of Fire A targeted spell that deals 134% weapon damage.
FireStaffFireballSpellsNewWorld.png Fireball Fire off a heavy fireball that deals 140% weapon damage on impact and leave a 3m burning field that lasts 6s. The burning field, dealing 10% weapon damage each second.
FireStaffIncinerateSpellsNewWorld.png Incinerate Cause a fiery explosion dealing 130% weapon damage and pushes back all enemies 3 meters. Catches enemies on fire, dealing 3% weapon damage each second for 6 seconds.

The spells you want here are Pillar of Fire, and Fireball. These will be your main DPS skills. They have short cooldowns, and they hit hard. The last spell is up to you, Incinerate does some nice damage, pushes enemies back, and leaves a damage over time effect on the enemy, and with the Cauterize Wounds perk, it’ll heal you for 20% of your health. Meteor Storm will give you more area of effect damage, but you’ll have to channel the spell, which leaves you vulnerable.

You want to start the encounters with placing a Fireball near the tank’s feet after they’ve grabbed a group of enemies, this’ll leave a puddle of fire dealing damage over time for the next several seconds. Once Fireball has been placed, use Pillar of Fire, try to aim for the enemy in the middle of the group, so you can hit as many enemies as possible with it. Whilst they’re on cooldown, either throw an Incinerate in the mix for more damage over time, or switch over to the Ice Gauntlet for some control. When you have the Runes of Helios perk (bottom left tree) you’ll create a rune on the floor which increases your damage by a massive 30% as long as you are standing inside it, so make sure your positioning is on point, so you don’t have to move out of it.

Fire Mage Tree Perks

Icon Name Description
FireStaffFirstStrikeSpellsNewWorld.png First Strike Pillar of Fire deals 40% more damage to foes at full health.
FireStaffArsonsAdvantageSpellsNewWorld.png Arson’s Advantage Gain 10% of your max mana per enemy hit by Pillar of Fire.
FireStaffFirstStrikeSpellsNewWorld.png Scorched Earth Fireball’s burning field persists for 9s.
FireStaffCatchSpellsNewWorld.png Catch Direct hits with Fireball give you 10% of your max mana and reduces your Fire Staff cooldowns by 7%.
FireStaffSpellFocusSpellsNewWorld.png Spell Focus Heavy Attacks restore 5% of your max mana on hit.
FireStaffFieryRestorationSpellsNewWorld.png Fiery Restoration Heavy Attacks reduce Fire Staff Cooldowns by -10% on hit.
FireStaffSingeSpellsNewWorld.png Clear Casting If you haven’t taken damage in the last 3s, deal 10% more damage.
FireStaffClearMindSpellsNewWorld.png Clear Mind While above 50% mana: you gain 10% Empower. (Empower increases damage.)
FireStaffFirstStrikeSpellsNewWorld.png Prophet of a Fire God While holding a Fire Staff, your critical strike damage is increasd by 20%.
FireStaffFlareSpellsNewWorld.png Flare Heavy Attacks no longer consume mana.
FireStaffSpellslingerSpellsNewWorld.png Spellslinger Your abilities gain an extra 15% chance to critical strike.
FireStaffRunesofHeliosSpellsNewWorld.png Runes of Helios Casting a fire spell places a 2m rune on the ground increasing your spell damage by 30% while standing in the rune. The rune lasts for 7s. (Cooldown 30s).

Most of the perks taken here will either increase your damage, critical hits or help you with your mana.

Pyromancer Tree Perks

Icon Name Description
FireStaffPyromaniaSpellsNewWorld.png Pyromania While holding a Fire Staff and below 50% max health: damage is increased by 20%.
FireStaffFirstStrikeSpellsNewWorld.png Scorched Each hit of Incinerate causes an additional stack of burning.
FireStaffCauterizeWoundsSpellsNewWorld.png Cauterize Wounds Restore 20% of Incinerate damage dealt as health.
FireStaffFlameOutSpellsNewWorld.png Flame Out! Incinerate hits twice.

These perks will help Incinerate deal more damage, and heal you. If you choose Meteor Storm over it, take the three perks under the Meteor Storm instead.

Ice Gauntlet - Secondary Weapon

Ice Gauntlet PvE Build.

Taking the Ice Gauntlet as a secondary weapon will give you some control by slowing enemies down, and reducing their defense by 10% with Ice Shower. The best thing about the Gauntlet though, is if you get a lot of threat, and enemies start to attack you, use Entombed, this’ll encase you in a crystallized shield made of Ice, and make you impervious to any damage whilst it regenerates your mana!

The first spell you’ll want to take is Ice Storm. This’ll slow enemies down by 25% for 5 seconds, taking some pressure off your healer and tank when you’re in large encounters with many enemies. The second one will be Ice Shower, this will root enemies in their place for one second, put slow on the enemies for 50%, and with the last perk Frigid Showers, it’ll drop their defense by 10%. This is best used against sturdier enemies with shields, or bosses/mini-bosses. The last spell Entombed, will make you impervious to any damage for 10 seconds providing the shield doesn’t break, regenerate your mana, and when you exit the shield, it’ll deal modest damage to any enemies nearby it, and remove any debuffs you have on you, and give you a 25% defense buff.


Icon Name Description
IceGauntletIceStormSpellsNewWorld.png Ice Storm A ranged attack that deals 17% weapon damage every 0.25 seconds and slows enemies within a 5-meter radius frosted area. 25% slow, 20-meter range, and 5 second duration.
IceGauntletIceShowerSpellsNewWorld.png Ice Shower Summon a shower of ice that creates a frosted area approximately 1 meter by 5 meters. Enemies that enter the Ice Shower will be stricken with a powerful Frostbite. Frostbite roots for 1 second, blocks sprinting and dodging, slows speed by 50%, and will remain on target for 3 second after exiting the Ice Shower. Ice Shower has a lifetime of 4 seconds.
IceGauntletEntombedSpellsNewWorld.png Entombed Players can entomb themselves in ice to become invulnerable and greatly increase mana regen. The Ice Tomb has a lifetime of 10 seconds and can be destroyed. Players have two options to cancel Entomb, exit by pressing RMB or break out of the Ice Tomb by pressing LMB, causing a damaging knockback for 20 mana.

Ice Tempest Tree Perks

Icon Name Description
IceGauntletColdReachNewWorld.png Cold Reach Increase damage of light and heavy attacks by 15% for targets farther than 15 meters.
IceGauntletCriticalRejuvenationNewWorld.png Critical Rejuvenation Recover 15 mana after triggering a critical hit on a target.
IceGauntletEnergizedCriticalNewWorld.png Energized Critical Increase critical damage of Ice Spells by 15% when at full stamina.
IceGauntletWeakeningGustNewWorld.png Weakening Gust Incoming damage is increased by 10% for 3 seconds to enemies in Ice Storm if below 50% health.
IceGauntletStormSummonerNewWorld.png Storm Summoner Ice Storm mana cost is decreased by 80% at full mana.
IceGauntletPunihsingStormNewWorld.png Punishing Storm Increases damage by 10% for each enemy in Ice Storm.
IceGauntletGatheringStormNewWorld.png Gathering Storm Hit with three consecutive light attacks to grant player 15 mana.
IceGauntletCriticalFrostNewWorld.png Critical Frost Increase critical chance if hitting an enemy in a frosted area or with Frostbite by 20%.
IceGauntletHeavyFreezeNewWorld.png Heavy Freeze Heavy attack will freeze a target if hit in Ice Storm or with frostbite for 1 second.
IceGauntletUltimateChillNewWorld.png Ultimate Chill Ice abilities chill targets, increasing ice damage by 35% for 3 seconds.

Most of the perks taken here will either increase your damage, critical hits or help you with your mana.

Builder Tree Perks

Icon Name Description
IceGauntletQuickFrostNewWorld.png Quick Frost Increase speed by 10% in a frosted area.
IceGauntletStrengthenedTombNewWorld.png Strengthened Tomb Increases defense by 25% for 3 seconds after breaking out of Entombed.
IceGauntletEnduringShowerNewWorld.png Enduring Shower Increase Ice Shower duration to 7 seconds.
IceGauntletQuickFrostNewWorld.png Quick Shower Any ally, including self, will get a 25% speed boost for 2 seconds when entering Ice Shower.
IceGauntletFrigidShowersSpellsNewWorld.png Frigid Showers Frostbite applies Rend to target, reducing defense 10%.
IceGauntletDefiantFreezeNewWorld.png Defiant Freeze Casting an Ice ability creates an ice hardened layer, granting 20% fortify for 2 seconds.

Most of the perks here will help prolong the effects of Ice Shower, or improve the effects of Entombed.



Armor in New World has three weight classes, light, medium, and heavy. You’ll get different bonuses for each weight class.

Weight Bonus How to achieve
Light +20% bonus damage Under 13 kg Equip Load (found next to your equipped weapons in the inventory screen)
Medium +10% bonus damage, +10% crowd control debuffs last longer Over 13 kg, Under 23kg Equip Load
Heavy +15% Block Stability, +20 % crowd control debuffs last longer Over 23 kg Equip Load

For Armor, you’ll want to stay in the Lightweight group, this’ll increase your damage by 20%. To achieve this, equip at least four pieces of light armor, the last piece can be medium for the added defense. You could go with Medium armor, which will give you a 10% damage boost, and a 10% boost to your Ice Gauntlet debuffs like slow, and rend. To achieve this, equip at least four medium pieces of armor, then for the last piece, you can equip a heavy piece if you want. In terms of stats, the only attribute you’re looking for is Intelligence. When you have 300 Intelligence, and 50 Focus, the rest can go towards Constitution.


Throughout New World, you’ll find gear which has a socket (displayed with an empty hexagon). This means that a Gem can be equipped there. To craft a Gem to place in your gear, you’ll need to find one from mining deposits. Once you have one, take it to the stone cutter, and cut it.

For this build, we recommend the following Gems.

Gem Effect Name Effect Slot
Diamond Rally +6/9/12/15% damage and outgoing healing while at full health. Weapon
Onyx Brash +15/20/25/30% damage against targets with full health. Weapon
Emerald Opportunist +8/12/16/20% damage against targets below 30% health. Weapon
Aquamarine Frozen 220/30/40/50% of damage is converted to Ice. Can benefit of INT. Weapon
Malachite Cruel +6/8/10/12% damage against Crowd Controlled targets. Weapon
Carnelian Calming You generate 4/6/8/10% less threat. Armor


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