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Beginners Guide to Gathering

Matt Chard

In New World, there are several types of gathering skills available to do. Currently, you can do: Logging (Logging Axe), Mining (Pickaxe), Harvesting (Sickle), Skinning (Skinning Knife), and Fishing (Pole).

By gathering Bushes, you'll obtain Green Wood

The Gathering Skills

  • Logging - Chop down trees. Useful for Woodworking.

  • Mining - Mine Ore, and Rock. Useful for Smelting, and Stonecutting.

  • Harvesting - Gather plants. Useful for Cooking, Weaving, and Arcana.

  • Skinning - Skin Animals for their meat and hides. Useful for Leatherworking.

  • Fishing - Fish, Treasure Chests. Useful for Cooking.

How to level Gathering

It goes without saying, but you level your Gathering Skills up by simply gathering as the name implies. How quickly you level up a Gathering Skill depends entirely on the player, if you set out into the wilderness on a mission to focus on one specific skill, you’ll level it up quicker than if you were to just gather whatever you come across on the way to a Quest objective.

Some Gathering Skills are quicker than others to level, Skinning being arguably the quickest. So long as you keep up with skinning any animals as you progress through the areas, you should easily hit the cap of 200 by the time you reach Level 60. This is primarily due to the fact that there is an abundance of enemies that can be skinned and they all offer massive amounts of XP, Bison for example will give you a whole level per skin.

Woodworking is one of the slower ones to level up, despite the many trees on Aeternum, you can only use Young Trees up to 50 and then Mature Trees up to 100. On top of this, the XP slows a little as you reach the higher levels meaning it’s a large effort to level this Skill. Mining suffers a similar fate, despite there being lots of different Ores to gather, none of them offer the same kind of XP you’ll get from a single Skin. You will, however, have to mine a lot of Ores for the chance of obtaining Gems if you’re set on levelling up your Jewelcrafting Skill.

Gathering Advice

When you’re set on heading out into the field for some gathering, there are some handy tips you can use to make the most out of it. For starters, consider what type of gathering you plan to partake in and use the respective food from Cooking to aid you in it. If you don’t have the necessary skill or ingredients, then consider buying some from the Trading Post. Some food will grant a bonus to your Luck skill, boosting your chance at the rare resource at a node while other food will boost the yield rate, all very useful to have.

You’ll also want to ensure your tools are up to scratch, the higher tier tools allow you to gather at an increased pace and if you use the correct crafting mod when forging them, you can add perks that increase your Luck or Yield rate, these are indispensable to any gatherer. As always, if you lack the means to craft these yourself, seek out a Trading Post or a friend in your Company to create them for you.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of space on you before setting out. Make use of the Storage Sheds of a nearby settlement and empty your bags so that you can gather as much as possible before returning, it’s also a good idea to set the Inn as your Recall Point. Once you can start equipping multiple Bags, try to craft or purchase ones with additional space and Perks that boost a particular Gather Skill, some will lower the weight of gathered items while other Perks will offer the Luck and Yield traits.


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