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All Mining Resources

Matt Chard

Mining is a gathering skill in New World. To mine an Ore, you’ll need to have a pickaxe equipped, and the required mining level to mine it. By mining Rocks and Ores, you can obtain stone, ore, gems, and motes. The table below will show you what nodes are available, the EXP they yield, and the level required to mine them. At certain Mining skill levels, you can track them on your compass, and World Map.

Mining Boulders in New World.

Starting Out

You will need a Flint Mining Pickaxe to start mining nodes. To do this you will need Engineering level 0 along with 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood to craft the item. You can obtain the Green Wood and Flint without a gathering tool by walking to a bush or flint deposit and pressing the interact key. This is by Default “E”. A Workshop is required to craft the Flint Mining Pickaxe. Be sure to equip it once you have crafted it to start mining!

Mining Pickaxe Tiers

Higher character levels are able to use better tiers of Mining Pickaxes:

Icon Tier Pickaxe Level Range Gathering Speed
flint.png Tier 1 Flint Mining Pickaxe 100-100%
iron.png Tier 2 Iron Mining Pickaxe 4-19 125-225%
steel.png Tier 3 Steel Mining Pickaxe 16-39 240-350%
starmetal.png Tier 4 Starmetal Mining Pickaxe 33-59 370-550%
Orichalcum.png Tier 5 Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe 51-60 560-850%

Ore Deposits - Mining & Tracking Level + Experience Gain

Ore Deposits - Main Resource and Rare Resource(s)


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