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All Harvesting Resources

Matt Chard

Harvesting is a gathering skill in New World. To gather plants, you’ll need to have a sickle equipped, and the required harvesting level to gather them. By harvesting plants, you can obtain elements, fibers, fungi, herbs, and produce. The table below will show you what nodes are available, the EXP they yield, and the level required to harvest them. At certain Harvesting skill levels, you can track them on your compass, and World Map.

Harvesting Hemp in New World.


Icon Name Harvesting Level/Tracking Level Main Resource Rare Resource EXP (S/M/L)
HempHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Hemp 0 / 25 Fibers Shadecloth, Phasefiber, Drop of Azalea Nectar, Dead Dryad Vine, Verbena Stem, Verbena Leaf, Verbena Flower 90/135/179
SilkweedHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Silkweed 100 / 125 Silk Threads Glintstrands, Scalecord, Vial of Azalea Nectar, Dead Dryad Vine, Verbena Stem, Verbena Leaf, Verbena Flower 224/335/447
WirefiberHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Wirefiber 175 / 200 Wirefiber Blisterweave, Scalecloth Draught of Azalea Nectar, Dead Dryad Vine, Verbena Stem, Verbena Leaf, Verbena Flower 558/837/1117


Harvesting Level Tracking Level


There is only one source of Herbs, and that is from the Hyssop plant. Although you will always gather Hyssop as the main resource.The secondary resources change on where you gather them.

Primary Resource

Icon Name Harvesting Level Tracking Level EXP (SML)
HyssopHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Hyssop 0 68/90/90

Secondary Resource

Farm Plants

Harvesting Level Tracking Level
0 20

Magical Plants

Harvesting Level Tracking Level
30 45
Icon Name Main Resource Rare Resource EXP
BlightrootHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Blightroot Blightroot Stem, Death Mote (6-8) Blightroot Leaf, Blightroot Flower 90
DragongloryHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Dragonglory Dragonglory Stem, Fire Mote (6-8) Dragonglory Leaf, Dragonglory Flower 90
EarthspineHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Earthspine Earthspine Stem, Earth Mote (6-8) Earthspine Leaf, Earthspine Flower, Enchanted Earth (Ancient Bane) 90
LifebloomHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Lifebloom Lifebloom Stem, Life Mote (6-8) Lifebloom Leaf, Lifebloom Flower 90
RivercressHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Rivercress Rivercress Stem, Water Mote (6-8) Rivercress Leaf, Rivercress Flower 90
ShockbulbHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Shockbulb Shockbulb Stem, Air Mote (6-8) Shockbulb Leaf, Shockbulb Flower 90
SoulsproutHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Soulsprout Soulsprout Stem, Souls Mote (6-8) Soulsprout Leaf, Soulsprout Flower 90

Magical Creatures

Harvesting Level Tracking Level
0 175
Icon Name Main Resource Rare Resource EXP
BlightmothHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Blightmoth Death Mote (24-32) Blightmoth Dust 6
EarthshellTurtleHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Earthshell Turtle Earth Mote (24-32) Earthshell Tail 6
FloatingSpinefishHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Floating Spinefish Water Mote (24-32) Spinefish Fins 6
LifemothHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Lifemoth Life Mote (24-32) Lifemoth Eyes 6
LighningBeetleHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Lightning Beetle Air Mote (24-32) Lightning Beetle 6
SalamanderSnailHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Salamander Snail Fire Mote (24-32) Salamander Slime 6
SoulwyrmHarvestingGatheringNewWorld.png Soulwyrm Soul Mote (24-32) Soulwyrm Tongue 6


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