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New World

Trial of the Templar Reputation Quest

Ben Chard

In New World, you will join one of three Factions and will be able to increase your reputation to reach new ranks for new rewards. This page details how to increase your cap for the first time for the Covenant Faction.

You can begin Trial of the Templar at Brightwood at Level 24.

What is Faction Reputation?

Regardless of the Faction you choose to play as, you’ll be able to earn Reputation for the chosen Faction by completing the PvE and PvP Quests found at your given representative at any settlement found in New World. These Quests can be refreshed by clicking and abandoning them, allowing you to forego one in an area that perhaps you’re not fond of or going for one in a location close to your other Quests. Completing these Quests will reward you Faction Tokens, Reputation and, in the case of PvP Quests, Influence in that settlement.

What is the 3000 Faction Reputation Cap?

You’ll only be able to raise your Reputation to a certain cap at each rank, with the first being a cap of 3000. You’ll quickly find yourself hitting this cap early on and you’ll have to complete and unlock Quest before you can reach the next rank. This doesn’t stop you from taking and completing these Quests for the Faction Tokens and Influence they still reward, on top of the Exp.

Rank Reputation Needed Quest Unlock
Templar 3000 24
Excubitor 11000 40
Lumen 26000 50
Alchemist 49000 60

How to rank up your Covenant Rank

There’s been some confusion about when you can unlock the next rank for the Covenant Faction. You’ll most likely hit the 3000 Cap around Levels 18-20 and upon immediately reaching the cap, you’ll have a new Quest in your Journal titled “Trial of the Templar”. The Quest will task you with heading to Brightwood however what the game fails to tell you is that you cannot accept the next part of this Quest until you reach Level 24. Once you’re Level 24, make your way to Brightwood Hamlet and speak to Beatris Roose to begin the Trial of the Templar Quest.

How to complete Trial of the Templar

With the Quest accepted, travel to Marcel’s Hamlet, found to the southwest of Brightwood and you’ll find a Stockpile amongst the houses along with a note, The Journal of Bremen Luca, next to it. At this point, you’ll need to wait for Apostate Bremen Luca to spawn just in front of the Stockpile here. He’s a slightly harder hitting Initiate that you find all over this area and so long as you remember to guard when he attacks, you should have little trouble taking him down at Levels 24-25.

Bremen Luca awaits at Marcels Hamlet in Brightwood.

Once Luca is defeated, return to Beatris Roose in Brightwood Hamlet to complete the Quest and rank up to Templar. With this new rank, your Reputation cap will now be 11,000 and you’ll be able to purchase wares under the Templar tab using your Faction Tokens.


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