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Start Location: Thane in Tri-Stone

Lair of the Deposed King

Once you have done a bit of exploring in the Kingdom of the Dead, you should have already unlocked the fast travel point for this. If not, it is between Leviathan’s Gorge and the Breach and a little to the east.

Once you are inside you will find a spiral staircase. You will notice three different levels (lets call them upper, middle and lower). At the lowest level you will find this world’s Death tomb, so if you have handed 20 Book of the Dead pages to Vulgrim, he will have given you a key to enter this. Note this isn’t really part of the dungeon, so go do it if you want and then when you are ready to get going, go to the middle level.

Let’s enter the middle doorway. Drop down over the ledge in front and use the hand holds below to drop down onto a long beam at the bottom of the room. Use the death grip ring here to swing to another beam and then scale the cliff at the far end of the room. Follow the hallway all the way to the end to find a chest containing a skeleton key. Look up here to find a Boatman’s Coin

floating above you, use death grip to grab that bad boy. Return to the spiral staircase and climb to the upper door. Head on through.

Upon entering the main room head forward and straight down the stairs. Kill the scarabs that spawn here. Find the handhold on the right hand wall and climb up and around the corner. Follow the platforming devices to a ledge at the top of the building to find a Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll . Drop down the gap in the railing here to return to the stairs, continue back into the scarab room from earlier. Drop down the broken stairs at the back right of the room from where you enetered.

Kill the skeletons and scarabs that appear on this platform and then look at where you dropped down from. Beneath the broken stairway you will find a Relic of Etu-Goth . Continue along to the north and loot the chest before heading up the stairs and into the door. We will see a locked skull door on the left. Ignore that for now and continue north and go through the door here.

Wall run across the first pit here and destroy the crates for a Boatman’s Coin . Death grip across the gap for the chest to the west and then return to the previous room. Unlock the skull door and head inside. Here you will find a lift. If you go to the southern end of the room you can wall run up and find a switch which will open a gate and create a shortcut back to the start of the area. Drop back down and hit the crystal on the lift and ride it down until it stops.

Move forward and clear out the north and south rooms of frozen skeletons and in the souther n room look behind the spine on the pike and the statue here to find a Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Message . Return to the main hallway and continue into the room to the east. You will see a giant frozen skeleton here. Approach it to initiate a boss battle!

$$$item 1612

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$$$item 1613

Find & Kill the Deposed King Moves: Freeze slam – He will smash his weapon into the ground, if you are hit by this, or are too close, it can also result in you being frozen Hurricane – He will spin around with his weapon extended and follow you around the room, he moves quite quickly so you will need to use at least three dodges to avoid him before he stops. Strategy: The Deposed King acts kind of like a much larger, more dangerous version of an undead general. He has a big shield and a big mace and can hit you with both. The fight plays out the same as many boss battles, luring him into performing attack before dodging and striking him whilst he pauses. This guy does however have two attacks you really need to avoid. The freeze slam will do a good deal of damage by itself, however when the king’s mace hits the ground, even if it doesn’t hit you and you are too close you will be frozen in a block of ice. This will not only drain your life quickly, but immobilise you as well leaving you open to a follow up attack. You will need to mash the indicated button on screen quickly in order to escape. The second attack to look out for is his hurricane attack where he spins around with his mace out held. He can move quite quickly and cover a lot of ground so when you see it coming run and dodge to avoid. Other than that, just whittle away his health when you can and he’ll be pushing up daisies in no time! You will earn the legendary weapon – Sceptre of the Deposed King for your efforts. Now loot the two chests we can now access at the back of the room.Afterwards fast travel back to the tree of life and head to Thane at Tri-Stone in the Forge lands to hand in the quest.

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