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The Tree of Life

After a short chat with the Crowfather, you will get a new objective. Jump on your horse and ride north. Continue through the tunnel until you exit into Lostlight.


Continue north and keep an eye out for a passage to the right. Inside you will find a chest and Vulgrim. Look behind the tree to his right for a Relic of Etu-Goth. Chat with him if you want to sell any trash you may have or Book chapters. When you are done, return to the main path and continue north. As you travel you will find another chest to the right. Nearby you will see a coloured door with a dragons head above it. Next to the pillar on the left you will find a Boatman’s Coin. You can also shoot the blue crystal above the dragon’s head for a Stone of Mystics.

Continue to the north and as you approach the objective, look for a broken, semicircular structure to the right just before the bridge. Look in the rubble to find a Book of the Dead page. Cross the bridge to the Crystal Spire.

$$$item 1577

$$$item 1523

$$$item 1490

The Crystal Spire

Upon crossing the bridge you will be treated to a scene. A big yellow barrier will erect itself around you and you’ll be attacked by corrupted angels. Kill 2-3 of them and a short cut-scene will play. Afterwards you will have an ally, so continue to fight the corrupted angels until another scene plays.

During the chat with Nathaniel, choose the ‘other business’ option to gain a new side quest ‘The Lost Soul’. Note that he will chill out here now and act as a merchant for you. Next to him you will also find this world’s tome statue.

Before heading inside, lets have a look around. First see the kneeling angel statues flanking the entrance? You will be able to find a Stone of Mystics on both of them. Next, let’s look to the left of the entrance behind a rock to find a Boatman’s Coin. Let’s go have a look at the outside of the building around the right hand side. In the farthest corner along the path to the right you will find a Relic of Renegoth. From here look towards the tower proper and you will see a chest.

Return to the entrance and when you are ready, head inside and throw the switch to raise the platform. Head out the door here and turn left. Kill the corrupted angels here and look behind the head of the statue carved into the wall of the tower here for a stone of power. Shoot it.

$$$item 1524

$$$item 1525

$$$item 1587

$$$item 1547

Drop down into the gully ahead and look to the left for a Boatman’s Coin . Climb up using the handholds here and then use the handholds near the statue to climb around the corner and drop down on the other side of the gap. Kill the remaining corrupted angels here.

Notice the bomb growth here? We’ll need that to proceed. Enter soul splitter mode and have clone number one go and grab the bomb and bring it to the ledge of the gap. Have clone 2 death grip the bomb across the gap. Take it around the corner and tag the crystals with it. This will blow them up and reveal a way up to a higher level. You can also see a treasure chest behind it just begging to be looted.

Climb the wall using the blocks and climbable surface here and exit onto the platform above. Climb the stairs here until a scene plays.

Here you will get your next objective. But before jumping into the portal on the ground, return back to the entrance to this room and head down the set of stairs opposite the ones you came up for a chest. When you are ready, enter the portal on the ground here.

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