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Follow your objective marker, through the forge and out the other side. Head over and speak to the gatekeeper. After a short chat, he will re-create the destroyed bridge, giving you access to the foundry. Karn will also make himself useful by joining you on this dungeon crawl. Cross the bridge and look to the left of the door for a chest. Return to the entrance and go on inside.

The Foundry

Head through the first hallway and through the door at the end. In this room you will see you will see hanging cauldrons moving from left to right. Before doing anything else, hang out here for a second. On the fourth cauldron to pass by you will see a stone attached – shoot it for a Stone of Resistance .

Drop down into the water on the left for a chest. Climb back up and through the next door. You will end up on a large circular platform (does this place look like Blackrock Depths to you too?). Continue to the far end of the platform and interact with Karn to have him toss you across the gap here.

Climb the wall here using the blocks and the handholds, go round the corner and drop onto the beam. From here wait for the hanging pots come past and jump across to them. Shimmy across to the right and then jump across to the far platform when it is safe to do so. Wall run across the gap here to the safety of the platform.

Follow the passage around the corner and deal with the tainted constructs here. Continue on until you reach a lever. To the left of this you can wallrun across to a nearby platform for a chest. Return and pull the lever to unlock the door. Mosey on through.

As you enter this room, the door will lock behind you and a portcullis will open to the left of a locked skull door in front of you. On the wall in front and just to the right of the skull door is a golden hanging lever. Wall run up and hang onto this in order to open the door for Karn to join you.

He will keep going through the room and hold the next door open for you, so run over to him and under it into the next area. Climb the stairs here to get your first look at the guardian. We also get the welcoming news that we will need to find 3 heart stones to activate it.

$$$item 1558

Look back at where we came in from. We are going to go into that door just to the right of it. Kill the tainted golems in here and when you reach the intersection, continue on to the right until you enter the next large room.

Cruise over to the far Eastern side and Karn will happily toss you up on top of the gate here. Continue around the top of the wall here and open the chest on the far side. Drop down into the room below and into the pool in the centre. Under water here you will see an inactive golem. Ignore this for now and look the right hand corner from where you entered to find a Boatman’s Coin and an area where we can surface.

Wallrun up and grab the nearby ledge so Death climbs out of the water. You will see a blue ball here. Again, like the inactive golem ignore this for now and head out the opening on the opposite side of the room and down into the water here. Dive here and find the tunnel leading left. Surface in this area and climb the wall to find a chest.

Return to the water and follow the passage to the end. Climb the wall here and step on the pressure plate to lower the portcullis and open the gate to the main room. Karn will now hold it for you, so drop down, grab the ball and wheel it into the main room.

Place it in front of the ramp at the southernmost part of the room and punch it up into the slot at the top. This will raise the central platform and give us our golem. Head in and activate that sucker! As you do a bunch of different types of constructs will spawn and attack – go nuts with the golem and it will make short work of them.

Afterwards head to the North East corner of the room and have the golem use its stretchy arms to destroy the yellow crystal on the ledge above. Wall run up and grab the chest in here. Now that we have the golem, let’s backtrack through the tunnel we entered from, destroying crystals as you go. Check out the alcove behind the first set of crystals on the right for a chest.

Continue through the passage here until you end up on the room with the skull door. Continue in the golem straight across the room and down the large open hallway. At the end, plant it in the socket and shoot the target on the opposite side of the gap in front of you.

Climb on the chain and about half way across look to the left to see a wall vine. Climb this bad boy and use the poles at the top to make your way over to the platform at the north of the room. Enter the door.

Wallrun across to the handholds on the far side of the room. Look to the left, you need to continue your wall running, however streams of molten rock are pouring past at regular intervals. You need to time your wall run so that you do not get hit by the falling death fluid or you will get knocked down into the lava below and have to start again! Once you are safely across head through the door.

Inside you will need to fight off a group of tainted constructs and once they have been taken down, a tainted construct champion will appear, so deal with that as well. Once all hostilities have ceased exit through the opposite door and open the chest here for a skeleton key. Drop down to the chain below. Continue back past the golem to the main room and open the locked door here with the skeleton key.

Open the door and climb the spiral stairway until you reach the top. Enter the door here. Approach the cliff and Karn will toss you to the other side. Fight off the tainted constructs here and drop down to the ledge on the right hand side for a chest containing the Dungeon Map (finally!).

Climb back up and enter the door here – a sight for sore eyes! It’s one of those demon chests we saw quite a bit of in War’s quest during the first Darksiders game… And that means a new ability. Smash the demon chest until a scene plays and you will be rewarded with the Death grip – Death’s equivalent of Link’s Hookshot. Huzzah!

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Spectral Touch

Collect Deathgrip

Trophy icon

Return to the previous room and walk to the edge of the platform. Rather than using the death grip ring to swing back over to Karn right away, drop down to the ledge. Drop again so you are free falling, as you pass the edge, you should see another death grip ring. Swing over to this and climb up. Follow the passage around and climb the wall at the end to find yourself on a balcony overlooking the room. Here you will find a Book of the Dead page .

Drop back down to the platform below and use the deathgrip ring to swing back to Karn. Backtrack through the door and look past the yellow crystals to the right. Grab the bomb plant from the ceiling with death grip and stick it on the crystals. After the crystals are destroyed, cruise inside and open the chest. Continue back down the stairs.

Return to where you left the golem and around half way across the chain look to your right. See the chest there? There’s a hook just in front of it. Jump towards it and hit the death grip button to reach the platform. Open the chest and then wallrun back to the chain.

$$$item 1466

Heartstone Piece 1

Follow Karn back to the guardian room and into the passage on the East side of the area. In here kill of all the tainted constructs, grab the bomb nearby using death grip and toss it at the lever across the room. Cross the bridge when it rises. Upon entering the next room, head to the left across the beams and pull the lever here.

On the wall behind this is a raised beam. Wallrun up to it and facing the centre of the room you will see a death grip hook. Swing to this and then again to the wall vine behind it. Work your way across the roof and grab the hook at the far end. Pull the lever here and then use the beams and handholds provided to return to the staring platform. Continue across the bridge into the next room.

Throw the lever in here to send the lift down and go through the pair of doors here to enter a large room. As you enter you will see the Heartstone hanging from the ceiling. After a short scene, allow Karn to toss you over to a nearby platform. Use the beams and handholds as well as wallruns combined with death grip to make your way around to the next, central platform. When you arrive, look back at the death grip hook and use it to find yourself on the platform above. Grab the chest here.

Return to the central platform and continue back towards Karn. At the end you will step on a pressure plate that will lower the gate in front of you. When it is down, use your death grip on Karn and he will toss you over to the next ledge on the opposite side of the room.

Use death grip to fly over to the handholds and use wall run to get around the corner. At the first handhold here look up to see another one above. Jump up here and then climb up the ledge to find a chest. Drop back down and continue to the left. Once you reach the poles, drop down to the platform below and then drop down once more. Wallrun across the gap here and activate the golem. Ride it into the lava, look just to the left to see a chest on solid ground so head over there and grab it before heading to the right.

Destroy the yellow crystals blocking the way and continue forward, around the corner to the right. Continue until you reach solid ground with a socket in it. Plant your golem here and shoot the target up the wall with the chain. At the top jump across to the hand holds and up to the platform above. Head over to the heartstone and use death grip on it for a scene.

Karn will now pick it up and you will have to escort him back to the guardian. Enter the elevator and throw the switch, you will have to defend yourself as the lift goes up as you will be attacked by a good number of tainted constructs. At the top, head through the few doors here and out to the guardian room. Wander around until you see a scene.

Heartstone Piece 2

Afterwards, head over to where the scaffolding collapsed, use death grip to get across to the platform and enter the pipe here. You will be in a room divided by a trench running through the middle. Kill off the stingers that attack and head through the other pipe to your left here and step on the pressure plate in the room at the end. Karn will enter and open the door to the next area for you, so cruise on through.

In the next room, let Karm throw you to the platform across the water and then continue across the water to the far platform using death grip on the hook in front and to the left. Kill the prowlers here. In this room here, pass the inactive golem and pile of debris in the centre of the room and go and destroy the objects in the North Eastern corner for a Boatman’s Coin .

Now go and activate the nearby golem. Roll it over to the south and into the slot in the elevator nearby. Shoot the switch across the other side of the room. Make your way to the raised block in the centre of the area and climb on top. Push the lever here to raise the two lifts up to the top of the room, if you let this go the platform s will descend, so we need to act quickly.

The platform with the target on it has some handholds on the wall facing the switch in the centre, so once you have raised it to the top wait a second or two then wall run up and grab the handholds. Climb to the top, jump onto the chain and about half way across turn left and jump over to the ledge here with the wall vine behind it.

Climb the wall vine and use a combination of handholds and wall running to reach the next wall vine to the right. Drop down to the platform below. Pull the lever here to raise three bridges. Drop down into the water and hop out back at the entrance to the room. Head straight back across the two bridges that are now present and reclaim the golem from the lift. Bring it back to the main room and destroy the yellow crystals blocking the other exit. Continue through the tunnel into the next room where we will see another Heart of Stone.

This room consists of a central structure housing the heart of Stone flanked by two pools of water. The pool on the left has access to another room above and the pool to the right has inactive machinery, a crushing device with a rock or two inside nearby and a lever that we cannot activate yet. At the far end of the room is a locked door.

Use the golem to kill all the bad guys in here and from the locked door look to the right to see a raised platform with some yellow crystals. Destroy these with the extender arms and Karn will toss you up there. Open the chest here for the skeleton key . Drop down into the nearby pool of water and look for a drain to the left to find a Boatman’s Coin , swim across to the opposite side of the room and wall run up to the wall vine.

Climb to the top of the vine wall and use the handholds to go around to the right, jump and use the death grip hook to access the next wall vine above. Climb up and onto a platform to view a short scene. On the platform to the north here follow the ledge around to a chest. Drop down into the pool of water below. Swim to the North Eastern area of the map to find a Boatman’s Coin . Resurface and look for the death grip ring nearby.

Jump to the platform here and wall run up and use the death grip to access the handholds above, follow these around the corner to the right and when you reach the opposite side jump across the gap and use the death grip ring here. Climb up to the ledge above. Kill the prowlers here and then throw the switch to raise the water level in the main room.

This will reactivate the machinery. Drop down to the platform below and to the left and use the handhold here to access the area above. Kill the prowlers here and loot the chest. Hop down into the water and use the death grip ring on the south western wall to return to the main room.

Drop down into the water and use the stone block opposite to climb up to close to the central structure. Cruise on past this and check out the lever – it will activate the crusher. Bring the golem over and stick it in the crusher, throw the switch and after the short scene you will now have a blue ball. Wheel that bad boy over to the skull door and use your key to enter.

Drag the ball inside and kill the Earth Crag that appears and then place the blue ball in the socket on the floor here. This will open a gate at the back of the room. Wall jump using both walls to climb to the top of the room. Exit to the main area and use the death grip on the heart of stone for a scene.

Karn will pick it up, so as before you need to simply backtrack to the guardian room killing all the enemies along the way to proceed. As you enter the room with the bridges a short scene will play showing the water rising. It will also show you a newly reachable handhold allowing access to the platform to the left of the door Karn needs to go through.

Jump in the water and climb up here. Enter the pipe and follow it back into the first room in the area that we entered following our last visit to the guardian room. Look in the blocked circular drain to the left for a Boatman’s Coin . Make your way over and grab it before using the blocks and handholds on the far wall to return to the original platform.

Head through the Northern tunnel here and activate the pressure plate, allowing Karn to come through. Return back through the pipe and then jump straight into the next pipe to the right. This will return you to the guardian room for a scene. You will also notice that the lava has now cooled down thanks to the water and we can access the other side of the area.

Heartstone Piece 3

Make your way to the south of the room and ignore the golem for now. Allow Karn to toss you over the wall. Pull the switch there to lower the gate. Head back outside and activate the golem. Bring him in and destroy the yellow crystals. Exit into the room at the end.

Here you will see the final heart of stone at the far end of the room. Plant the golem in the socket in the centre of the room and use the block on the right hand side of the area to access a platform above. At the top use the death grip to leap across to the poles beyond and work your way around the corner to the left until you are back on solid ground. From here use the death grip on the heart of stone for a scene… and a boss fight!

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