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Inside the tunnel, squeeze through the path behind Cutter to the catacombs and then deal with the following fight. After the scene head into the next tunnel and drop down to enter a large room with globe. Head around the room in clockwise order and just past the first brazier you can grab a the King Bohemond II Coin .

Get the treasure on the bottom floor of the globe room (left) and then light the braziers on the second floor (right).

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Skilled Fortune Hunter

Find 40 treasures.

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Head to the back of the room toward a mechanism, where Cutter will light torch, and then head upstairs and light all the braziers upstairs behind the statues. Do not head downstairs, as you need to enter the nearby passage and light the brazier down the long hall.

In order to get to the next area you’ll need to toss the torch down into the next brazier, dispersing the spiders and letting you jump to the next platform. Once again you’ll need to throw the torch into the next brazier, located on a platform above, but this time you can’t jump directly to the platform. Look to the right of the brazier for a beam and a chain hanging down from it, this is your target. Jump to the chain and then swing and jump to the steps on the right, rushing up the steps and across the beam to reach the brazier. Grab another torch and toss it to the brazier directly in front of you and swing across another chain. The final brazier is located below you near the waterfall.

Use the chains to safetly reach each brazier (left). When you open the sluice look up to the right for a treasure (right).

Walk up the mechanism and press Triangle to open the sluice and then look up to the right to spot the Antique Cuff Bracelet . You need to wait for the water to rise, jump in, and then shoot it down while you are under it to catch it as it falls.

Swim across the water and open the sluice closest to the globe. Aligning the globe can be a pain, but if you look for the area where most of the land comes together with a section of water in between you will be able to line the lights on one of the landmasses. Head back upstairs and up the spiral staircase that descended to find the Crusader Fluer-de-lis on the left hand side of this room.

Align the continents up with the light (left) and get the treasure just outside the tomb (right).

After checking out the tomb Chloe will note a draft in one of the paths. Break through the nearby wall and when you have control again run for your life, AGAIN!

After the scene rush down the stairs and kick in the face of the first enemy to take his gun and then quickly take cover. After taking out the men in the open area take cover and aim for the men in the gate room. There is a riot shield enemy here that can pose a problem and also a heavy armored enemy that takes a bunch of bullets. Once clear, head for the far gate and help Chloe open the double doors.

It’s not over yet, so take cover and aim down the bridge at more of Talbot’s men, including two more riot shields and another heavy armor. Continue to make your way across the bridge, through the tower and out the front doors.

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