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Head down the grand staircase and turn left at the fork to find the Bronze Man of Nashqum overlooking the city of brass. Head back up and start going down the other side, hugging the left railing to look for a gap where you can jump to a tower for another treasure, the Sabaeam Alabaster Stele .

Get the treasure on the grand staircase (left) and then jump to a tower for another (right).

Jump back to the staircase and keep heading down the right path for a scene near the fountain for a scene. As Talbot and Marlowe escape you’ll have to deal with the thugs remaining. Watch out for these enemies, as they burst into flame and teleport around to get behind you, so keep moving.

Once all the enemies are gone, check the left side of the stairs in the two-story building for the Akkadian Statue Head .

Take out the enemies (left) and then get the treasure in the building (right).

Follow Talbot and Katherine into the elevator, riding it down for a scene. Chase after Talbot into the past and then run from the spiders through Cartagena’s streets. After busting through the doors and taking the form of young Drake you’ll need to keep running right, jumping from the vents to the lamp post and then over to the other building. You should recognize this area from the beginning of the game, following the same path as before. When faced with shooting Sully you can pull the trigger with no fear that any of this is real.

After waking from the past check behind the elevator for the Sabaean Moon Symbol .

Make your way through the past (left) and get the treasure when youw ake up (right).

Slowly make your way along the path and when the Djinn appear use heavy duty weapons to take them out. After the gate opens continue into the next area and defeat another wave of Djinn. Keep moving until you reach the pool and use the lever to fill it up so you can look at your reflection in the water. The reflection will walk around and help you turn the wheels to the left in order to trigger a scene in the middle of the pool.

When Drake awakens he’ll be feeling much better. Head down the hall, hugging the left wall to find the Statue of Gudea behind the second statue, and then take the spiral staircase to the bottom to complete the chapter.

Make sure to get the treasure after leaving the pool (left) and before the chapter ends (right).

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