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The chapter starts out with an epic fight between Drake and some unconventional pirates. You’ll need to take on the men, including a couple Brutes, one by one using counter attacks to avoid damage. After the fight climb atop the containers and check the corners for the Seahorse Vesta Case .

Get the treasure on top of the crates (left) and then swing to the exit (right).

From the top of the shipping containers climb the canvas crates and shimmy across the walls. Climb the ladder and back eject to the monkey bars and cross them before they collapse. From the bar swing and jump to the metal wire rope and finally to the door.

Head down the hall and hug the right wall to reach a storage room with the Silver Figa Amulet .

Make sure to grab the treasure in the storage room (left) and then exit the ship (right).

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Adept Fortune Hunter

Find 60 treasures.

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Exit through the bulkhead door for an impressive scene and then jump to the rope and swing over to the yellow pipe and shimmy across and jump to another pipe. From the left end of the pipe swing across to the anchor and then drop into the world below. Swim under the rusted haul of the ship and into the next area full of enemies.

The boat ahead has one man on it that you’ll want to stealth kill due to your lack of a weapon, but once you pass through the ship into the next area you’ll have to deal with many more enemies. While it is possible to work your way around the area, pulling enemies into the water or sneaking up behind them, you will likely be drawn into a fire fight at some point. There are two turrets that rain fire down on the battlefield that should be avoided until you have an RPG or the grenade launcher, but the first can easily be released by entering a broken ships haul on the right side of the area, just to the right of the blue container.

Find the hole in the ship haul (left) and climb up and turn around for the treasure (right).

When the majority of the fight is over you can head back to the above mentioned hole in the haul and turn around and jump across to find the Antique Silver Parrot on the upper level.

To continue you’ll need to find the mast on a boat with the turret that has a yellow ladder attached to it that can be climbed, but before rushing up turn right to spot and deal with some snipers in the distance. At the top, shimmy out on the wire a swing to the broken ladder and climb up. As you cross the monkey bars a man will pop out and begin to fire on you, so pull out your gun and fire back. When you reach the ground again you’ll notice that the next area is set up for a fight, so make sure to prepare before you jump down.

There is a riot shield enemy, as well as a heavy armored unit here, but if you melee attack the riot shield by running over his shield and picking it up you’ll be able to pummel the armored one pretty easily. After the fight look for the yellow crane with a metal crate attached to it and push the crate off the edge to create a path. Jump across and make your way left and then down to swing to the next platform. Pull yourself up around to jump to the other side of the metal walkway, where you can jump across the beams to the Turquoise and Pearl Bracelet .

Run over the riot shield to quickly kil him (left). When you pull up on the metal walkway turn right to spot the treasure (right).

Jump back to the walkway and take the stairs up to a metal beam, where you can jump to a wire and swing to a ladder on the other side. Hop over the railing for a nice vista and shimmy left and then down around the outside of the rusted haul. You’ll need to pull the enemy off the ledge and then jump to the red handle, where the camera will aim up to deal with the enemies above. You’ll need to stop at each of the red handles for cover to take out some enemies before reaching the top.

When you reach the top jump to the opposite platform and jump to the yellow bar, but don’t stop and quickly jump off. Kill the enemy on the same platform as you and then take cover to shoot the men across the way as they repel down the side of the wall. Climb up the wall to more pipes and quickly grab the red handle to deal with the enemies above. Stop off in the alcove for a restock of gears and then climb up through a hole to the deck.

Jump to the red handle and make your way up as you deal with the enemies until you reach the top. There are some monkey bars you can cross after dealing with the enemies and then climb the ladder to another deck level. Find the metal bars on the opposite side of the deck and then jump to the rope, but do not use it to swing across and instead climb it for the Unusual Blue Stone Ring .

Climb the rope to reach a treasure (left) and then use the rope to climb up and hop over a railing for another treasure (right).

Head back outside and use the rope to swing across to the metal beams and climb up to finally spot Ramses’ ship in the distance. Do not head inside, instead jump over the railing toward Ramses’ ship and climb down to find the Gold Scarab Brooch .

Enter the control room for a scene and instead of taking the zipline walk to the end of the control room to find the Gold Axumite Coin in the corner.

Instead of heading down the zipline toward Ramses’ ship (left) check the far corner for a treasure (right).

Take the zipline for a scene and then take out the sniper on the top floor. You can now climb out of the water and jump over to the yellow bars to continue through the rusted hauls and up a ladder. Make the jump across the gap and take cover on the other side to stealth attack the armored enemy and then finish him off with melee attacks. A few feet later and a jump will end the chapter.

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