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Enjoy the procedural generated dynamic ocean and hop aboard the aft section of the ship. Head right and before heading up the stairs check the small alcove for your first treasure, the Unusual Mask Brooch , here. Continue to the back of the ship and check the starboard side of the ship for a dead end with the Rose Cut Diamond Pendant .

Get the treasure at the front aft side (left) and the back starboard side (right).

At the back of the ship is a lifeboat that when you jump to it will create a ladder to the upper level. The ladder leads up another level with a patrol in the back that can be taken out quietly, just watch out for his buddy on the level above. Use the wooden crate to climb up on top of the shipping containers and drop into the next area to stock up on ammo.

This area has multiple enemies and even some heavily armored guys, especially on Crushing. You may notice that when the ship tilts a bunch of the shipping containers fall onto the deck, creating a gap in the containers. If you are having trouble, run for the container that fell down and get on top of it and then hide in the dead end while you pop out for some damage and then return to heal up.

Grab the treasure on the shipping crates (left) and to the left of the pool (right).

After the fight head through the red door to the next area and make sure to take a dip for a trophy and get the Antqiue Minerva Pendant in the back of area.

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Marco Solo

Play in the swimming pool on the Cruise Ship.

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As you enter the ballroom you’ll want to quietly sneak in because the fight to come can get really out of hand if you go in with your guns at the ready. Start by quickly sneaking up to the guy directly ahead that is sitting on the table and then follow his buddy down the stairs and grab him before he gets too far so that the man by the piano doesn’t spot you. Turn directly around and rush over to the right side of the room and kill another guards before you finally take out the man by the piano.

Defeat the man before he reaches the piano (left) and then head back to the entrance (right).

Grab the grenade launcher head back up the steps to kill off the armored unit and his buddy. Take cover at the top of the steps behind the column and you should be okay to take out the remainder of the enemies below and above. You may need to move down a bit to attack the enemies that snipe from the balcony above, but if done correctly you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Once the enemies on the balcony are dead, head to the lower level and watch the left exit for the final wave of men.

As you leave the main ballroom make sure to turn right and circle around the elevator for the Ruby and Pearl Pendant and then continue along the deck to a new hallway and stealth kill the man in the doorway. Instead of heading down the next hall, continue along the starboard side of the ship for the Georgian English Compass .

Get the treasure behind the elevator (left) and at the far end of the walkway (right).

Enter the cabins and take out the man by the bar, along with his buddies and then check by the bar for the Ruby and Diamong Bracelet . Continue through the cabins and down the hall to the stairwell and follow it all the way down and check under the stairs for the Amethyst Cufflink .

Grab the treasure behind the bar (left) and at the foot of the stairs (right).

When you enter the hold turn left and get the Golden Amethyst Ring behind the wooden crates before jumping to the yellow striped column to shimmy around and drop to the floor. As you might have guessed it was all a trap on Ramses’ part and the chapter ends just before a massive fight.

Make sure to get the treasure at the top of the hold (left) before you head down for the cutscene (right).

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