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You begin on the roof across from the museum with a rope line the leads across the street. Jump for the rope and shimmy left to the climb up on the museum’s rooftop and pull yourself up. Climb up on the grey mailbox to reach the highest point and jump to the next section of roof with the glass atriums.

On the other side of this building you’ll see some wood planks that are laid out as a ramp so you can reach the hanging lamps and swing across to the museum’s lower roofing. Instead of heading through the window from the roof, drop off the roof and grab the balcony ledge and climb over. Head across the balcony patio, staying away from the doors, and check near a bench at the end of the balcony for the Dog-Shaped Incan Whistle .

Use the lamps to reach the museum (left) and drop down to get the treasure on the balcony before entering (right).

Now enter the building and grab the following treasures:

Seventeenth Century Coin

  • Next to the blue lever, past the ships wheel.
    Silver Chimu Pendant

  • In front of the old diving suit in the same room.

Get both the treasure by the blue lever (left) and the diving suit (right).

Head to the case with the ring and open it for a scene.

Once you have control you’ll need to escape Katherine’s men. Start by heading up the stairs and at the top use the box with an axe to climb through the window. On the other side, drop and run toward the camera and up the stairs to the roof. You’ll need to tap Square to get free of the men and hop over the wall to the rooftop below.

Hop up to the small window at the top of the stairs (left) and spam Square to escape on the roof (right).

Before making it to the end a man will pop up, so veer right to the balcony and jump to the blue building from the heater. Head around to the other side of the balcony and climb up to the next level and continue around and up to the roof. Run across the roof and jump to the next small roof area and around the corner to small awnings, which will fall, and climb up on the next roof.

It’s not over yet, though. Head for the blue tarped boxes and jump down to another roof and use the heater to jump to the ledge where Sully will save you. Use X to get up and turn right to jump from awning to awning and when you reach the end use the stone windowsills to climb up. Jump from the heater again and you’ll find youself falling to your death. Hit X and jump through the window into someones kitchen, but don’t stop.

Run through the hall and into the living room, saying hello to the owner on the couch. Enter the bedroom and hop over the bed and then out the window to the roof below. Head for the flowerbed and climb up onto the building above and jump from the heaters to a lamp and swing to the next building. Keep running through the potted garden while being shot at and jump to the next building. Climb up and run around the corner before you jump off over the railing when the man pops out in front of you.

Run across the roofs (left) and escape Katherine’s men for a final scene (right).

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