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Head for the Victorian elevator and you’ll notice the counter weight is stuck, leaving Drake to climb up and dislodge it. Climb the ladder on the left wall and then make your way up a second ladder to some pipes that you can shimmy across to some pipes.

After releasing the counter weight there is no need for you to head down, simply continue left and use the rafters to cross further. Marlowe’s men will come around the corner, but instead of shooting them from the rafters you can jump to a ledge and shimmy over to the chandeliers. Jump from one chandelier to another and then climb down the wall on the other side.

Climb across the chandeliers (left) and take out Marlowe’s man when you drop down the other side (right).

As you reach the floor Sully and Cutter will need your help, so quietly sneak up behind the enemy and perform a stealth takedown by hitting Square. Check out the area to learn the layout of the old train station, since it is obviously set up for a gunfight later, and then continue to a hole in the wall at the other side of the area. Stealth attack more of Marlowe’s men and head through the new structure to a secret library.

After the scene you’ll need to take out more of Marlowe’s men by performing an aerial attack off the banister above and then sneaking up behind the other man in the center of the room. Once the area is clear you can examine the table in the center of the room for a scene that uncovers more information on the group that Marlowe may belong to.

Inside the secret library (left) grab the treasure on the small ledge (right).

The two columns in the center of the room are where you need to focus your attention. Start by finding the dresser to the left of a fireplace and climb up to a small ledge with the Victorian Copper Penny .

In order to reach the hind you’ll need to find the samurai swords on one side of the opposite pillar and climb them before crossing the paintings and back ejecting to the golden deer’s head. As you reach the hind you’ll get a short scene before more of Marlowe’s men burst in, leaving you hanging while firing at the men below. After falling, finish off the rest of Marlowe’s men and then leave through the double doors and head back upstairs.

Climb up to the deer’s head (left) and get the treasure upstairs before leaving (right).

You’re looking for a crocodile hanging from the inner wall overlooking the library below. Before hoping over the banister make sure to grab the Victorian Gold Sovereign under the display case nearby and then ride on the back of the crocodile.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Apprentice Fortune Hunter

Find 20 treasures.

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Trophy/Achievement Icon

Ride the Crocodile

Stand on the crocodile in the Secret Library.

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Head back out the library the way you entered, through the tunnel, and watch out for the hencemen walking your way. As you exit into the old train station more of Marlowe’s men will engage you. It is best to keep to the left side of the area and work your way forward so that enemies don’t sneak up behind you. Make sure you clear out the area of all enemies before looking around and shooting down the Silver Hunter Pocketwatch from an outcropping above the trains.

Eliminate all of Marlowe’s men (left) and then shoot down the treasure (right).

As you head back toward the iron elevator you’ll run into more men, but they shouldn’t pose much of a problem with all the cover around. You can’t go back under the elevator, so head through the new path on the left and up the stairs. Use propane tanks behind the first guy with the shotgun and finish off the other two before heading up the ladder.

As you exit into another circular tunnel take cover to the right to avoid the laser sight of the enemies further back. Move forward when it is safe until you reach North Atwood station and stay on the ground and clear out the enemies as they try and sneak behind you by walking along the tracks. That all being said, make sure you watch the platform as well so that enemies don’t move forward and shoot you from above. After the area is clear you can search the front of the red train car for the Art Nouveau Flask .

Get the treasure under the train car (left) and then make your way out through more men (right).

From the platform you can head up toward the surface through the stairs. As you reach the next set of men you’ll have to deal with laser sights on the other side of the gate. Roll forward to avoid their sights and get a better shot on them or ignore these and run for the tunnel once the standard enemies are dealt with.

As you run up the tunnel you’ll want to watch your back as men come from behind. Shoot the lock on the gate so that Sully and Cutter can pull it open and you can escape.

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