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After the long scene you’ll need to help Elena open the door to the large hanger and then climb to the highest point of the boxes for the Mosaic Birds Pendant . Jump to the other side of the pile of boxes and jump on the unstable platform for a scene. As Elena suggests, push the car to the window and then quickly use it to climb out before it rolls too far down the ramp.

Get the treasure in the hanger (left) and then use the car to exit the window (right).

You can now circle around the building and climb up to the roof, where some open windows lead to the other side of the hanger with two men. You want to head for the left window and body slam the enemy as he walks below so that he drops a grenade for you. You can then stealth kill his friend. You want to make sure you get the grenade, which can be used to set up the following trophy:

The trophy Dyno-Might Master requires you to kill four enemies in one explosion. Luckily for us a car full of enemies will be entering the hanger shortly just dying to be blown up. What you need to do is shoot the locks off gate to let Elena in and then quickly run to the back of the incoming car and drop the grenade at its rear hatch, where all the enemies are exiting. If you are lucky you will get four kills with the one grenade. If you are not lucky, restart the checkpoint and try again.

Toss the grenade between the men for the trophy (left) and then get the treasure (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Dyno-Might Master

Defeat four enemies with one explosion.

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Before leaving the hanger make sure to check the area you dropped in to find the Song Bird Brooch in the corner by the blocked hanger door on some crates.

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Expert Fortune Hunter

Find 80 treasures.

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Help Elena push the car until it plows through the locked gate and take cover on the right side of the area. Since they didn’t actually see you, you can stealth kill all three guys by letting them split up to investigate. Once all enemies are defeated climb up to the open window and check behind the green car for the Enamel Bird Ring .

Get the treasure in the garage (left) and the use the stealth guide below to clear out the following area without anyone seeing you (right).

This section can be difficult on Crushing, so if you find you want to use stealth to avoid addition enemies spawning use the following guide:

If you have the Silenced Pistol you should be able to take out a few guys without being noticed. First take out the guy directly across from you and then hop onto the open shipping container for a better view. If you continue straight you should see two guys walking near each other. You can stealth kill these two if you kill the closest when the far one walks by, but make sure to kill the far one or he will find the body and you’ll be discovered.

If you hop down into the red container (from the area closest to Elena) and walk to the other end you’ll see a guy right next to you. Take him out when no one is looking and then walk back to the other end of the red container so you can see the guy closest to Elena. Shoot him with the Silenced Pistol when he is closest to you, so the other guy doesn’t see his body, and then run to the blue container near the guy you just shot. If you hang on the end the nearby guy should walk past and when he stops you can kill him.

Run to the green container and hide at the end. When the nearby guy walks past run to the front of the container and shoot him when he stops. After this, the last two guys are too close together to kill either quietly, but if you get get on the truck flatbed and hang on the edge of the container you can aim a grenade between them.

Once everyone has been finished off in an aggressive route or the stealth one presented above, head toward the runway and climb over the building. Jump the the ladder on the opposite side and climb down to approach the plane.

After the cutscene you’ll need to run for the plane, but a gate will block your path. Ignore the men firing at you and turn left and go up the stairs and climb over the building. Keep running and when the powerbox blows up turn left and go up and over this building as well. Keep running, ignoring the enemies, until Elena shows up and hop on the jeep and then to the landing gear.

Make your peace with Elena (left) and then catch up to the plane and make the daring leap to the landing gear (right).

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